Turn off Chrome running in the background

When you turn on your computer, if you use the Google Chrome browser, it loads automatically and preventively and, even when you close it, Chrome remains in the background and remains open even if you don't see it. This way of doing the program can be useful to speed up its startup, but it can also be annoying if you don't want it to be always active, if you don't want the applications to use it to send notifications even when we are not there and not to wasting memory which can slow down your computer or unnecessarily drain your laptop battery.
Actually it is not really Chrome to keep active but it is some applications or extensions that do it, even when the browser is closed.
Some extensions then ask Chrome to stay active so that they can continue to work, for example, to send notifications of new emails or to keep an active chat.
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To find the applications that remain in the background, you can simply close Chrome and notice, in the lower right corner, the browser icon.
If the icon is not visible, press the up arrow located at the bottom right near the clock. Right click on it, move the mouse over the account name and read the names of the applications or extensions that remain active.
Disabling the running of Google Chrome in the background is quite simple: Press on the button of the three dots at the top right, then on Settings. Scroll down, expand the advanced settings and almost at the bottom of the page disable the option " Continue to run applications in the background after closing Google Chrome ".
The advice is to leave it active, unless you are using a slow and old computer, on a laptop with little battery charge and if Chrome is not the preferred browser to use.
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