Docs, Sheets and Slides, the Google Office apps

Google has released new free apps on the iPhone stores and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets, which are Google Docs, Google Presentations and Google Sheets .
In practice, they are Google's answer to Microsoft's Office Word and Excel applications for Android and iPhone .
The new applications are practically the same that were already integrated in Google Drive, only that they are more direct, more specific, lighter and functional even without an internet connection.
As for the most interesting features of these new Google applications for writing and editing Office documents, we can report the possibility of working on a spreadsheet or document in collaboration with other people in real time.
This means that you can see the changes made by others as they make them.
You can certainly create a new document or spreadsheet file from scratch, you can share the files and comment on them.
Google Docs uses Google Drive as its online storage solution, but unlike the latter, it also makes documents available offline on the device.
The best part about these applications is that they don't require Internet connection to work, so the changes are saved locally and then synced to their respective web applications when the mobile goes online.
Applications can be downloaded from the official stores:
- Google Docs (for Android and iPhone)
- Google Sheets (for Android and iPhone)
- Google Slides (for Android and iPhone).

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