Here is the perfect smartphone: OnePlus 7T with 8 GB of RAM

Every smartphone has its flaw: for example the iPhone is beautiful but it is all blocked while the Samsung Galaxy S10, which is a marvel, is ruined by all the unnecessary pre-installed apps, not to mention that they both cost a lot. Those who want a top smartphone spending less will always have to accept compromises and give up something: limited internal memory, little RAM, lower level camera or difficult to find or rely on unknown brands of which there are no guarantees.
Everyone (we enthusiasts) could now be resigned to the fact that the perfect smartphone could not be made, a little for commercial reasons (such as Apple which adds one thing at a time without exaggerating with each new version of iPhone), a little because making it perfect would then cost too much.
And instead...
Here comes the new OnePlus 7T, to bring real joy and enjoyment to all technology enthusiasts, a smartphone practically perfect and (at least apparently) without defects, on sale at the excellent price of 560 Euro .
For those who do not know it, OnePlus is a modern Chinese company that does not want to make imitations, but that wants to become a leader in the smartphone mobile market and compete directly with giants such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei and Xiaomi. OnePlus, now a consolidated reality over the years, has therefore adopted a very clear and defined strategy: only one single smartphone model, the best possible in terms of build quality, sold at a price lower than that of the competition. Focusing on quality and prices, OnePlus has transformed over the years from being a small company to a global competitor (ready to conquer the US market too).
the new OnePlus 7T can already be bought today , also from Italy and in Italian, at the price of 600 euros, from the official website or even from Amazon .
The OnePlus 7T is an impressive smartphone, with a level of excellence equal to or even higher than any Samsung Galaxy, Pixel or iPhone, with a price that tears them all away . The design is different than the latest iPhones, with a "notch" reduced to the minimum terms only to include the front camera, the fingerprint reader in the screen, which is huge and takes up all the 6.55-inch space.
The technical specifications are surprising, better than those of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which costs twice as much:
- SnapDragon 855 Plus 2.9 Ghz processor
- 8 GB of RAM
- 128 GB internal memory
- 6.55 inch screen with 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, Optic AMOLED technology.
- 48 Mp + 12 Mp + 16 Mp triple rear camera (focal aperture f / 1.6 2.2 2.2) and 16 MP front camera
- dual SIM
- Oxygen OS operating system based on Android 10, clean and without unnecessary pre-installed apps above.
- 3, 800 mAh battery with fast charge technology (60% in 30 minutes)
- Complete sensors with fingerprint reader, digital compass, barometer and gyroscope.
- Fingerprint reader under the display which is the fastest of all to unlock the phone in 0 seconds (exactly 0.34 seconds) as soon as you put your finger on it.
The 8 GB RAM, now a basic feature of these Oneplus smartphones, allows you to open 50 applications one after the other quickly and keep them all active without suffering the slightest slowdown even using them all simultaneously. In practice with the OnePlus 7T there is no lag, there is no delay in running an app, there is no shortage of memory after a few days of use and there will never be a need to terminate the app.
In terms of hardware performance, at least on paper, OnePlus phones are faster than Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10, with a lower level processor than the iPhone, but with a lighter and smoother operating system.
The amount of RAM of the OnePlus 7T also ensures longevity to this smartphone that will seem just released even next year, when there will be a new iPhone and a new Samsung Galaxy. Just read the forums dedicated to the previous models to have proof of how each Oneplus maintains its high performance for years.
OnePlus 7T improves on its predecessor and further pushes mobile innovation with a smaller notch and a fingerprint sensor inside the screen.
If we want to find a fault with it, the headphone jack is missing and it is not waterproof. The cameras are not yet at the level of the Pixel and the iPhone, but they are very close. For the rest it is practically perfect, with an excellent camera, a lightweight Android system and without bloatware, a battery that lasts, a screen with high resolution, also excellent for those who use two sim cards, 128 GB storage space.
In conclusion we can say that they had told me years ago that the most anticipated Android phone would not have come from Samsung or LG or Sony, or Google, I don't think I would have believed it. With every new phone, OnePlus goes close to the perfection of the phones and OnePlus 7T is the best phone of the company, probably the best Android phone of the year .
These OnePlus reviews all look the same in substance, but with the best value for money among all the smartphones on sale today, there is never a match. Obviously those who choose an iPhone will have different reasons, first of all the prestige of the Apple brand, but if we remove this, the 7T also becomes preferable over the last iPhone.
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