Visual effects and graphic modifications to personalize Windows

In the days of XP it was easy to make changes of any kind to the Windows interface, using programs of all kinds that really changed its appearance in all its sides.
Today, for security reasons, changing the desktop, menus and window graphics in Windows 7 and even more in Windows 10, is only possible within certain limits, unless you use additional external programs and patches that remove the limitations. You can therefore operate on the operating system in order to change some hidden settings, especially related to graphics and functions that can be activated with the menus and with the right mouse button.
Already in another post we had reported a, able to change many options and settings with ease.
In this post, therefore, we see how to change Windows desktop, window graphics and add visual effects that make working on the computer less tedious.
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1) First of all, it is important to know how to change the theme in Windows 10 .
We saw in another article how to install desktop themes in Windows 10 to change backgrounds and colors in a super easy way, by downloading the themes from the Microsoft Store.
Both in Windows 7 and in Windows 10 it is also possible to install different themes, not Microsoft, which changing the appearance of the desktop in a more radical way.
These themes can be found on sites like DeviantArt, which has a special section dedicated to Windows themes.
To install these types of themes, however, a patch is required on the system that removes the limitation.
This patch is provided by the UltraUXThemePatcher program, to be run and installed by following the wizard.
2) Native Windows visual effects can all be enabled from the System Properties menu.
Press the Windows + R keys together, then from the Run window, type the sysdm.cpl command and press Enter.
Click on Advanced, then on the Settings button under Performance and in the window that appears, choose " adjust to get the best look ".
Windows will certainly be more pleasant to see, especially in the window animations and shadows. These options, however, weigh down the system and are not recommended to be activated in old or low-memory PCs.
3) Window graphics can be changed in Windows in several ways, using internal options or external programs.
In Windows 10 the graphics options are in Settings> Personalization and allow you to change the desktop background, colors, taskbar and Start menu.
These options are explained in the guide to customize Windows 10.
In Windows 7 the options are certainly richer and are found in the Control Panel .
To find external programs we have seen other articles such as those for changing fonts, colors and buttons of windows and on menu bars in Windows.
In another article, we also saw how to color Windows folders in different ways.
4) Change the start and start menus
Over time we have seen many programs to replace the traditional Start menu.
The most famous of these programs is certainly Classic Shell, which can really give way to transform Windows 10 or Windows 7 into a different and more comfortable system.
An original and different way to launch programs and applications in Windows is that of dock bars similar to that of the Mac.
We have therefore seen better Start Menu and horizontal or circular Dock bars for Windows, which add different visual effects to the desktop.
5) Change the application bar
7+ Taskbar Tweaker is the best program to change the functions of the Windows taskbar, which works very well on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 and 8, although not too simple and intuitive to use.
In another article we had also written a guide to customize the Windows taskbar in 10 ways.
6) Right mouse button menu
You can customize the menu items that appear when you press the right mouse button on a file or an empty space on the desktop or a folder using some programs.
In another article, the guide to add options and commands to the right-click menus.
7) Screensavers
Speaking of visual effects to customize Windows, screensavers cannot be overlooked.
In another article we have collected the best free screensavers for Windows 10, 7 and 8 PCs.
8) Winaero Tweaker is the number one program to customize the hidden options of Windows and to see it change according to preferences, adding or hiding menus and adding special effects.
This program works on every version of Windows, it is very simple to use and really recommended to everyone, both experts and less experienced.
9) The software, a laptop that does not require installation, is Nimi Visuals and can truly revolutionize the appearance of Windows, completely renewing it.
Less known than Winaero, however, it is a program that has been around for some time and is still updated frequently, which is worth trying.
10) Windows animated wallpapers
The animated backgrounds can really give a touch of dynamism to the desktop, keeping it in continuous movement, perhaps with information such as the weather or with mobile elements such as the fish aquarium.
In another article we saw the best moving animated wallpapers for the Windows desktop.
Other notable effects to have on the desktop can be the falling snow or the insects that walk on the screen, really horrifying.
11) Change the progress bar for file transfers
To make the desktop of the computer a little nicer you could think of changing the graphics of the progress bar of the uploads in Windows, that is the green bar that shows the progress of an activity such as moving or copying a file from a drive to another.
Instant Elevator Music is a fun application that automatically starts music whenever a progress bar appears on the screen.
From the same authors, you can use the Nyan Cat Progress Bar tool, with the Nyan cat flying over the progress bar of the waiting windows in Window.
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