Delete and uninstall toolbars, browser bars and crapware

On Internet Explorer there has always been the possibility of installing new toolbars, i.e. menu bars with buttons dedicated to the use of a particular website. Any site can create toolbars very easily and can advertise them among its web pages. The most famous Toolbar is that of Google which allows you to search on the search engine without having to access the main Google homepage.
The toolbars are an excellent way to force inexperienced web surfers, who still use Internet Explorer as a browser, to visit their site and constitute one of the most notorious deceptions to bring visits, absolutely to be eliminated .
With modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer, the toolbars have basically become obsolete, but the programs, so-called crapware, which modify the behavior of browsers, for example by changing the homepage or the default search engine or by showing more advertisements, come in the form of hidden extensions and plugins.
Toolbars often slow down the loading of Internet Explorer and other browsers, cover space and, at times, also open very dangerous security holes . The most famous toolbars, often included in the downloads of free programs, are the Yahoo !, Google, Facebook, AOL, Ask, Nero, Wikipedia and many others. Most of the time, users are informed of the installation of a toolbar; at other times, however, they are installed without user approval.
In these cases, these are real malware, spyware and viruses that steal information on internet browsing and transmit it elsewhere.
To remove the toolbar and crapware quickly and painlessly, there are external tools that automatically scan and remove any unwanted toolbar or program .
1) In the guide to remove the Babylon toolbar, Ask, Facemoods and other adware the Adwcleaner program is reported, one of the best to remove all the adware programs and the toolbars.
2) Junkware Removal Tool, by MalwareBytes (has now been abandoned and integrated into ADWCleaner) is a security utility that searches for and removes potentially unwanted adware, toolbars and programs from your computer.
The program is fully automatic, operates aggressively and leaves no choice as to whether or not to keep what is detected and removed.
Junkware Removal Tool has the ability to remove the following types of toolbars or programs: Ask Toolbar, Babylon, Claro / iSearch, Conduit, Facemoods / Funmoods, Ilivid, Iminent, IncrediBar, MyWebSearch, Searchqu, Web Assistant, Hola, Alexa and also extensions Chrome monitoring.
3) Crap Killer is a mini-tool that detects crapware programs, ie those considered useless that activate themselves and modify the behavior of web browsers, to give the user the possibility to remove them quickly.
Tried it, it proved excellent, fast and effective.
4) The portable tool, which does not require installation, Multi-Toolbar Remover allows you to eliminate multiple toolbars completely and instantly. It supports the removal of numerous and famous toolbars, including Google, Yahoo !, AOL, Comcast and the Ask Toolbar.
5) The Smart Toolbar Remover program, which can uninstall several toolbars in Internet Explorer, is very effective and complete.
This time the program is not only an uninstaller with only default settings but a scanner aimed at finding and removing the toolbars installed on Internet Explorer .
After the automatic search, the names of all the menu bars appear and click on the Uninstall button to those to be deleted.
6) Excellent also Toolbar Cleaner capable of removing in one fell swoop all the toolbars installed on Internet Explorer.
7) Even better is SlimCleaner to eliminate all unnecessary toolbars and programs .
8) For Chrome, there are tools to check for dangerous extensions installed.
The browser toolbars are a real nuisance, They do not add any utility, make confusion, slow down the loading of the internet, change settings and are often viruses.
Toolbars are one of the types of programs that should never be installed on your computer
Dangerous toolbars are generally found and removed even with tools to remove malware like MalwareBytes or Superantispyware.

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