Amazon extensions to follow prices and buy better (Chrome and Firefox)

Amazon is the undisputed king of online sales, it is easy to use, reliable and with free shipping costs for most purchases. However, this does not mean that it is perfect and, like many websites, it can be improved and customized with extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers .
Browser extensions can add functionality or simplify some tasks in buying on Amazon, for those who enjoy shopping online, to keep prices under control and create lists of items that they would like to buy in the future.
Below are the 6 best extensions for Amazon on Chrome and Firefox .
1) Wish list
The first extension, available for Chrome, Firefox and as a bookmarklet (button for the favorites bar that also works on Internet Explorer) is precisely that of the Amazon wish list .
Thanks to the addition of this button, you can keep items that you would like to buy in the future in a bookmark. The Amazon wish list can also be used as a "wedding list", to be given gifts and objects chosen by us, as is the case for weddings.
2) Amazon Assistant is the official extension created by Amazon for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, which allows you to integrate the store on your browser, create wish lists, search for products, get the offers of the day and manage purchases and orders directly, even without having to go to the Amazon site.
The extension for Chrome and Firefox allows not only to add items to the wish list, but also to make price comparisons, receive notifications of daily offers and more. It's a bit heavier than the wish list extension, but those who use Amazon often should prefer it.
3) The Camelizer (Chrome and Firefox)
The camelizer is the most famous extension for Amazon, which serves to see the change in price for each product listed.
In this way you can understand if you can buy a certain object at a lower price just by waiting for a little time or if the current one is the lowest price. You can see what the current price is, whether it is discounted or inflated, the average price over time, if the price drops often and how much time has passed since the last sale. from history one can try to predict whether the price of an object can drop or not.
4) Keepa Price Tracker, one of the best to follow the prices with graphs inserted in the pages of Amazon products and many statistics on the trend and history, also capable of comparing the price on all Amazon stores . Amazon, as we know, is not only present in Italy, but also in Germany, France, England and other countries.
In another article, where I explained how to buy on or other European stores, I wrote that the price of a product, especially electronics and IT, can be lower in Germany and France rather than in Italy.
You can buy, with the same account and without additional costs, indifferently on any of these Amazon stores and look for the lowest price for an object. is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that displays the historical price trend for each of the Amazon stores, for each product. So you can immediately see if there is the same object for sale on or at a lower price than that found on Unfortunately the extensions for Firefox and Chrome have been retired for now.
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5) See if a product is shipped to Italy
If you find that on or or there is an object that is worth buying because it costs less than on, the only thing to check is if it can be shipped to Italy .
Does Amazon Ship To is a Chrome extension that does this by making a button appear to open the shipping information list.
6) Honey is an extension that allows you to receive alerts if a certain product drops in price and also to obtain a coupon to be used to buy at a lower price.
7) Eliminate the boxes of sponsored products
Since Amazon, at every search and in every product page, puts a box of sponsored products that can be deceiving by looking like the best possible choices, you can use the Amazon Lite extension on Chrome that removes the ads of the sponsored products and also lightens the pages Amazon loading them faster.

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