Google "Save bookmarks" extensions for Chrome

A few weeks ago Google added a new function to its search engine that allows you to save images in the image search in a dedicated space. In practice, when you search for images on the internet, on the search page, for each image clicked a button appears with the word Save, to save it and keep it. In this case, the image is not saved on the PC, but online on a special Google Account page accessible at .
This feature to save images from Google searches has been expanded with three new extensions for Google Chrome that allow you to save every interesting web page you come across while surfing the internet. It is, in fact, a feature similar to that of applications such as Pocket, to save favorite web pages to read them later.
1) The first extension to save favorites on Chrome is called Save To Google (has been withdrawn) and adds a button in the upper right corner of Chrome with an orange star.
If pressed, for example, while reading this article, you can save the page in your Google account becoming a clickable element on the special page // .
Each saved page is listed with an image or the initial of the page title for easier recognition. When you click one of the saved items, you can add notes or notes or add a category, the tag, to organize the saved pages according to the type. To switch to the category view, just click the Tag button on the left side.
Basically this is another extension to save your favorite sites, not too different from the extension to change Chrome's favorite manager.
The difference is that the Save to Google page is reachable from any PC and also from the smartphone, always using your own personal account, while the favorites are saved on the computer (even if they are then synchronized on your account and the same visible from every device or computer).
2) The other extension for Chrome instead is Google Keep Extension which works similarly to Save to Google, only that the web pages for which you click the Keep button are saved in Keep, the app to write notes to remember of Google .
When you press the button for the Keep extension for Chrome, you can save a web page by adding a note and a tag or category that allows you to keep your saved pages organized.
3) The third extension is called Save to Inbox (disappeared) and allows you to save links and favorite web pages or to read later in the Gmail Inbox mailbox.
The extension is also useful for sending website links via email quickly, directly from the button added in Chrome by the extension.

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