Extensions to improve Google Office Docs

Google has introduced new add-ons for Google Docs and Spreadsheets in order to make Google Office web applications more powerful and more useful .
Goole Docs would be the equivalent of Microsoft Word while Spreadsheet would be the equivalent of Excel and is used to create worksheets and tables.
Google Office is included in Google Drive where you just need to press the Create button to create a new Google Office document.
Like extensions for Chrome that add new features to the browser, Google Docs add-ons are add-ons that extend the functionality of Office applications .
If you open a document or spreadsheet on Google Docs, you will find a new " Add-ons " link in the menu bar.
To see them also in Google Spreadsheets, on the other hand, activate them by pressing the wheel at the top right of the main page of Google Drive, going to Settings and then on the Edit tab activating the option Try the new Google Sheets and save.
LEGIG FIRST: Better Word or Google Docs "> Google Suite Store and order the add-ons according to popularity. A filter at the top allows you to limit the results to display only those of a certain type among the various categories : education, productivity, business, social and utility tools .
The search bar is used to search for what you need. When adding an add-on, you must accept its terms and then read the instructions for using it. For example you can immediately install what is called Thesaurus which is used to search for definitions for each word. Once installed, you can select a word in a document and press the right button to search for its definition that will appear on the right. By clicking on the Add-ons menu you can use the installed add-on to find synonyms for a word. Remember that in the Thesaurus Options you need to set the Italian language.
The best add-ons for Google Docs that can be added today to the Docs and Spreadsheets applications are as follows:
  • HelloFax, to send a fax to any number worldwide directly from within Google Docs. The free version allows you to send faxes of up to 5 pages.
  • Translate to quickly translate documents into any language using Google Translate.
  • Thesaurus, described above.
  • Table Of Contents to quickly create an index to the document.
  • UberConference to have an audio conference with up to 10 people while working on a Google Office document; you can also record the conversation.
  • SignRequest and Pandadoc to sign a document with handwritten signature through the program.
  • Label Merge : Create address labels to print.
  • MindMeister is used to create a hierarchical bulleted list which is transformed into a visual mind map.
  • LucidChart to create flowcharts, charts, organization charts and other technical drawings within the Google Docs account.
  • Mapping Sheet allows you to create a map inside a worksheet with a list of names and addresses.
  • Texthelp is like a yellow highlighter for highlighting words and text in Google Docs.
  • EasyBib to create the bibliography of a document.
  • Language Tool, an automatic spelling and grammar checker, which also supports Italian.

The list goes on with the best extensions for Google Drive / Docs on Chrome
Thanks to the add-ons, Google Docs becomes more and more powerful and full of functions, approaching the productivity of Microsoft Office.
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