Extensions to better use Gmail on Firefox

Gmail is the most used e-mail service in the world not only for its reliability and its internal functions, but also because it is an expandable service thanks to various plugins and browser extensions.
After recently updating the article of the best extensions for Gmail on Google Chrome, we now see the most useful extensions for Gmail on Firefox, to make the whole Google mail system more efficient even without having to necessarily use the Chrome browser which, of course, is favored by integration.
Those who use Gmail and Firefox can choose to install one or even all these extensions and Add-ons that make Google Mail much better than it already is.
1) Gmail notifications : Gmail Notifier
Gmail Notifier adds an icon in the Firefox extension bar or on the desktop near the clock to report how many unread messages are and to also receive a warning when a new message arrives.
With this extension, Gmail will look like a mail service installed on your computer, like you used Microsoft Outlook.
To avoid distractions while working, you can also disable notifications via the toolbar button.
The extension is simple, but with many options for configuration and customization.
2) For quick access to Gmail : Gmail Panel
With this extension installed in Firefox, there is no need to open the Gmail site in a new tab every time because the e-mail box always remains within a popup easy to open by clicking the button in the toolbar and to close with the ESC key on the keyboard.
You can also keep the panel pinned to the screen until you finish.
From the Tools menu -> Addons -> Gmail Panel Preferences you can configure a shortcut key to open or resize the panel.
3) Sign the emails in Gmail : WiseStamp
WiseStamp is one of the most valid services to create signatures in messages to be sent via Email with Gmail, including in the signature also a link to social profiles, a photo and a dynamic update with the latest status on Twitter or Facebook with the latest article of the own blog.
After installing the add-on, open Tools -> Add-ons to open WiseStamp Preferences and create custom signatures by choosing the various graphic templates.
4) Save the attachments in a cloud storage : Kloudless
After installing the extension on Firefox (by installing the XPI file), you can connect Gmail to one or more Cloud Storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive Box and others.
The colored Kloudless icon will appear next to the attached files (next to Download and Save) and will allow you to save the file directly in one of the configured cloud services.
You can also set up rules to automate sending attachments online to the cloud.
Kloudless also allows you to attach files found in Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive when composing emails, by clicking the extension icon in the composition window.
5) Changes to the Gmail interface : Gmelius .
Gmelius allows you to configure a long list of options and changes to make the Gmail interface cleaner and more efficient according to your tastes.
You can then hide the chat sections, deactivate the Google Plus activity, remove the People Widget and make other changes.
6) Schedule Mail for scheduled sending : Boomerang for Gmail (alternatively also BatchedInbox )
Boomerang is a popular service related to Gmail that allows you to plan the sending of emails in the future by deciding when to send it automatically, later or a few days later.
7) To write HTML code in emails : Markdown
Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for writing HTML code in emails without being interpreted as programming syntax.
After installation, you can select Merkdown writing by pressing the right mouse button and selecting from the Markdown Toggle menu.
8) Meeting planning : Boomerang Calendar
This extension is useful for those who use Google Calendar to analyze emails with appointments and times of meeting, meeting or any event.
Boomerang Calendar therefore allows you to manage the calendar itself via email and schedule appointments with other people.
9) Sign documents : HelloSign for Gmail
HelloSign is the best app to sign documents in Gmail from PC and mobile, also available as an extension for Firefox.
In this way, the documents received or to be sent can be signed directly without having to print anything.
10) Pause the reception of Email : Inbox Pause
Inbox Pause adds a button to pause the reception of mail, when you need time to reply or when you are busy with something else.
11) Reading confirmation for Email : Bananatag
I had already talked about this service in the guide on how to know if an email is read by the recipient.
12) Block emails from some unwanted senders : Block Sender
The extension works as an enhanced and customized spam filter to exclude some unwanted addresses from receiving emails.
13) Organize emails : Active Inbox
This is a particular and professional extension recommended for those who use Gmail for work, to organize messages into categories, projects and activities.

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