Facebook Messenger: Cheats, Secrets and Chat Symbols

One of the most used apps in the world is Facebook Messenger with over 800 million users chatting every month. The app is really very similar to Whatsapp, with few differences and a few more features. The problems of Facebook Messenger, compared to Whatsapp, are at least four: in the meantime it is however less used in general, because more recent and because habits are hard to die.
Secondly, few people know that a Facebook account is not required to use the Messenger app.
Third problem is that relating to privacy which, as we will see below, is significantly less guaranteed in Facebook Messenger than in Whatsapp.
In this article we see several tricks of Facebook Messenger more hidden and less known, including the meanings of its circle icons in chats, those that appear next to a message to let you know if a message has been sent, received and read.
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1) Let's start immediately from the meaning of the Facebook Messenger symbols by seeing if it is possible to make it possible, as in Whatsapp, to hide from others that we have read a message received .
As soon as you send a message in Facebook Messenger, an open blue circle appears which means that it is being sent.
To make sure the message is actually sent, it is best not to close the chat before the blue circle has an v inside.
The checkmark with the v, therefore, tells us that that message has been sent. If a red triangle with an exclamation mark appears instead, it means that there was a connection error and that the message was not sent. In this case you can retry sending by clicking on it or make a copy and paste to send it in a new message. After seeing the blue dot with the v, you can also close the chat even if it is not said that the recipient has received it (because maybe it is not connected to the internet). When that message is received, the symbol becomes a solid blue circle . The application also tells us when the message is viewed and presumably read. In this case, the display time also appears under the most recent message sent, and instead of the symbol, the profile picture of the person is shown small.
It is possible to prevent people from knowing that I read their message on Facebook Messenger "> find out where a person who wrote to us was.
This is because, by default, the place where Messenger users are located was recorded and made visible to others.
Today, this problem has been partially solved and it is possible to show or hide the position by pressing the button of the three dots on the mobile app, deactivating the location. If you chat from the Facebook site chat, there is no location.
3) Can someone who is not a friend on Facebook contact us?
Yes, it is possible that a person can chat with us even if he is not a friend on Facebook and even if he is not really registered with Facebook (see how to use Messenger without a Facebook account).
When a new person wants to write us messages we will see a notification indicating the chat request and the possibility to accept or ignore it. If you accept, this person will be added to your Messenger contacts.
4) Delete Facebook messages?
To cancel conversations in Facebook Messenger there are four options accessible in the chat options on the app or on the chat of the Facebook site. Archiving a chat moves it from the Inbox to the archived folder. You can delete the whole conversation from our inbox (but that chat remains with the other person) or you can delete only a few messages from the conversation. Finally, messages can be blocked to prevent the other person from writing to us again. This action is reversible and you can block a person on Messenger even without blocking them on Facebook.
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5) Adding extensions
Thanks to the extensions for Facebook Messenger you can add many functions to the chat making it really powerful. For example, you can send audio clips, GIF images, original Emojis, video animations, dubbed videos and much more.
6) There is a website for Messenger only
Without opening Facebook, you can chat from a PC as you would a cell phone on the Facebook Web Messenger site. Unlike Whatsapp Web, the site works even if the phone is not connected to the internet. As with the app, you can also make video calls with Facebook Messenger.
7) Messenger notifications
We have written a guide on how to disable Facebook Messenger notifications or make them silent.
8) Can you chat on Facebook without using Messenger?
Yes, it is possible, but not using the original Facebook app, but using the Facebook site from Chrome on a mobile phone.
Alternatively, you can install the lightweight Messenger Lite app for Android.
9) Hide yourself offline in Facebook Messenger
While in Facebook chat you can stay offline and hide without being seen online, in Facebook Messenger this is a bit more complicated. We had to dedicate a specific guide to the topic to explain how to exit Facebook Messenger or stay offline
10) You can send instant videos in Facebook Messenger .
11) You can play Chess in Facebook Messenger thanks to a trick described in another article.
12) You can play instant games on Messenger, to play on the fly and quickly directly with a friend in a chat or even alone.
13) Songs listened to in Spotify can be shared in chat thanks to the direct integration between the two apps.
14) In Facebook Messenger you can activate the dark mode, to see the chat on a black background and no longer white. To do this, open Messenger, touch the photo of our account and then turn on the dark mode switch.
In addition to this, other features will also be added to Messenger in the future, including payments between people, to send money quickly and quickly (already active in the USA), the Photomagic function of facial recognition in the photos and the call of Taxi via Uber .

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