Firefox becomes super fast in the new Quantum version (Firefox 57)

There are many browsers to surf the internet from PC, but one has become the most used in the world, that Google Chrome that is updated every month with new functions and which inside it includes almost a complete operating system.
Mozilla seemed to have almost given up on innovating and in recent years has released updates just to try to keep up with Chrome by copying the various new features.
Various attempts to stand out and give something more than the Google browser, such as the Firefox Hello chat that is no longer active today, have been a failure.
This slow and continuous decline of Firefox, however, could suffer a sharp turn today with the release of the Firefox 57 update, which is called Firefox Quantum and looks like the super fast browser
Available in beta for a few months now, Firefox Quantum is now the official version of Firefox that can be updated today by going to the main menu, then pressing on Help> information on Firefox or downloading it from the official Mozilla website for Windows, Linux and Mac PC .
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By opening the new Firefox Quantum you will immediately notice how the different, leaner, cleaner interface changes, with more space for websites.
The address bar, the one with the buttons and the Search box, can still be customized by right-clicking on one of the buttons or on the gray empty space of the bar, choosing Customize .
From here it is possible to drag the various buttons in or out and, if desired, also remove from the middle that search bar on the right which is superfluous, since searches can be made directly from the address bar.
Depending on the installed extensions, other buttons may also appear here.
Among the most important buttons is already visible there are that of the library, to open history, favorites, saved passwords and other navigation data and then the one to display the sidebar, useful for those who use very large monitors.
When you download a file or an image, the button for managing the downloads also appears, which has an arrow down as its icon.
Inside the address bar, then, there are other buttons: the one to open the article in reading mode, the one that saves the site in Pocket, the one to add it to favorites and then to send the link and take a screenshot.
The options menu, accessible from the main Firefox menu (the one that appears by pressing the button with three lines at the top right), is very compact, with four categories of settings, including one dedicated to privacy and one to manage, create and log in to your Firefox account to keep your passwords and information in sync.
The initial page, then, includes the miniatures of the most visited sites and the news from the sites that are supposed to be of most interest, because they are often visited.
What has changed most in Firefox with update number 57, however, is the speed with which the browser loads websites .
Mozilla says Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as the Firefox versions released in 2016 and takes up less computer memory, 30% less than the latest version of Google Chrome.
In a nutshell, Mozilla has created a new CSS engine to first load the graphics of the websites and used a new technology based on artificial intelligence, called Rust, to control and minimize the programming errors of Firefox, to decrease bugs and make the software significantly more performing.
Consequently Firefox Quantum loads the content of a website before uploading any image or graphic part and giving priority to the active tab over the others.
The impression one gets when using Firefox Quantum (which I personally had) is that of an almost instantaneous loading of the site, without delays.
Firefox therefore becomes super fast and in this test video uploaded by Mozilla it can also be faster than Chrome.

We will see if this will be enough to regain points and recover users lost over time, convincing those who use Firefox as a secondary browser to make it become the main browser of their PC and smartphone.
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