Phrases from famous Italian films and audio clips to download

One of the first needs that came to me when I was a boy and I was bought the first Personal Computer with Windows 95, was to customize the sounds, in particular the startup and shutdown sounds .
I always put up with the default Windows music and, in a kind of masochism, I wanted the PC to talk to me with some funny phrase, to send me to that country when I turned it off, to say bad words when there was the error and etc.
I found in Thomas Milian voiced by Amendola, the ideal voice to make my computer speak and I replaced the standard sounds with short phrases full of swear words.
Unfortunately at the time I didn't keep the best sites like I do today so I don't remember where I found them, however I repeated that search and in this post we try to see where to download the wav or mp3 files with the most famous phrases of the films, to be used for replace Windows sounds, like cell phone ringtones or, simply, to keep them and have a laugh every now and then.
Finding phrases, sounds and acronyms of American TV series and films, in the original language, is not complicated thanks to the abundance of resources and well-organized sites; in Italian, on the other hand, it is much more difficult, often they are sites edited by young people out of passion, therefore they are badly indexed on Google and are confusing.
Starting from an international site, the best is called CellSea, specialized in cell phone ringtones, which contains a huge database of sounds and music.
The site is a real portal that feeds itself thanks to its users; everyone can upload any sound on the site and share it online.
The ringtones are organized by categories and are mostly music extracts optimized and cut to be used as ringing tones of a mobile phone.
The musical genres are on the left and by clicking on View All you can see which are the most listened and most downloaded files.
To download the mp3 or wav file, just click on a title and choose "PC Download".
Obviously there are only songs and music in English while the famous phrases are under the vocal category but certainly not in Italian.
Also in English is the SoundBoard site on which it is possible to find not only music but also audio clips of all types with various sounds taken individually from cartoons, video games, films, TV series, and many others.
Returning however to the initial objective, that of finding the famous phrases in Italian, an important site is andromedafree where there is a whole list of famous films and for each of them the most impactful phrases are listed, those that are best remembered and that often like to learn by heart.
The list is in alphabetical order and if, for that film, it contains soundtracks of phrases or dialogues, it is indicated by the speaker icon.
There are phrases that have made the history of cinema, taken from Oscar films but also the Italian comedies of the 80s, the funniest ones with films by Lino Banfi (Coach in the ball in the first place), Fantozzi, Abatantuono and many others.
To download, you can right click where it says "Listen to the audio clip" and say "Save target as"
The best site and the most fun of all was Hokuto Audioteca but it seems to have closed, only the forum remains.
The Eccezziunalo site takes its place as the best site for the audio clips of classic films, trash and Italian comedies, which sorts the most famous phrases for individual actors: Verdone, Sordi, Fantozzi and so on.
For each film there are several sound fragments all to be listened to and saved on the computer.
Another excellent web page for listening and downloading the audio clips and video clips of famous films with the famous phrases of Italian comedies such as Fantozzi, Abatantuono, Sordi and Verdone is that of .
Another site for downloading sounds and phrases from famous films is Movie Sounds, for English language films.
On another page there are the sites to listen to the music, film soundtracks and TV show acronyms
Given the excessive fragmentation of other resources and websites that contain famous phrases and dialogues of films and TV series, my advice is to think about the actor whose something you want to hear again and search Google for the unofficial pages of his fans .
Generally there is always an audio section with clips to download.
Also report, in the comments, any site with audio clips in Italian you find that we add it to the list.
On another post, there are the best sites to find sound effects and noises.
To conclude, I make a heartfelt appeal to everyone, but especially to the youngest, not to be fooled by advertisements on ringtones because they are never free and never to spend a penny to remedy the tones of the mobile phone because on the internet there are all the types and are also much more beautiful.
In this regard, we had collected several sites and programs to create or download ringtones for free .
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