Manage Chrome extensions, activate and deactivate them in one click

Google Chrome is more than a browser, it is a real platform, almost an independent operating system on which you can install applications and tools of all kinds.
It is quite normal therefore, for a user who uses Chrome properly, to have a tool in the form of a button that manages all the extensions that are installed in Chrome.
The main problem is that if you install too many extensions, leaving them active creates an exaggerated memory consumption in Chrome which then becomes heavy and slow to load.
To manage all the plugins and extensions installed in Chrome you can install one or more of these extensions that allow you to enable and disable the extensions in one click or to disable them all together in one go, useful for having Chrome very fast when you have hurry or in case of need of memory.
The first one that is worth installing is Extension Manager which has a button to disable all extensions (except itself) in one go
In this way you can have a very fast Google Chrome browser like when just installed, without slowing down.
This Chrome extension allows you to activate or deactivate all Chrome extensions at once using a dry button located at the top, on the extensions bar.
In addition to enabling and disabling extensions at once, One-click Extensions Manager offers another useful feature, alternately disabling extensions that are not needed and enabling them on demand.
2) Extensity is the perfect tool to manage installed extensions, to activate or deactivate them with a click .
Pressing the Extensity button opens the general list of extensions.
Clicking on one deactivates it, and it becomes gray, re-clicking on it reactivates it and the writing becomes clear and visible.
3) SimpleExtManager is another extension manager for Chrome that offers the possibility to easily activate, deactivate and remove all installed plugins.
Like the previous extension, this add-on is placed next to the address bar as an icon.
In this case you can create groups of extensions to activate and deactivate with a click .
This also includes applications that can be launched quickly from this menu without needing to open a new tab.
4) Extension Manager to sort extensions in groups is similar to SimpleExtManager, useful if you use particular extensions that work, for example, only on Facebook, Gmail or other sites that you often visit.
To conclude, it is worth knowing how to manage extensions on Chrome without using other tools . Right clicking on an extension icon opens a menu that includes the Manage button. Pressing on Manage opens the list of extensions. The extensions can then be removed from Chrome and from the computer (from all the computers that have synchronized Chrome) or only disabled by removing the cross from the Activate button.
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