Manage many open tabs on Chrome with TooManyTabs

When you surf the internet with browsers like Firefox or Chrome, you end up opening many tabs and getting lost because the titles of the various tabs become illegible.
This is a common problem that is deeply felt by most people and the impatience that derives from it could really be unbearable.
So, to the delight of all of me including, it is better to install an extension that allows you to easily manage the many tabs open on Chrome or Firefox, being able to read the titles and allowing us to navigate more easily and saving time and eye health.
It is TooManyTabs, one of the most popular extensions in the Chrome Store and in the Firefox add-on gallery .
Once installed, Toomanytabs adds ( on Chrome ) a button that indicates the number of open tabs and, if pressed, shows a window with the list of open tabs, all the titles and a preview thumbnail.
The cards can be scrolled with the mouse wheel and can be sorted alphabetically by name, by address or by usage history.
If you are having trouble finding a particular tab you can use the search bar at the top.
In the extension options, in addition to the graphic aspect of the Toomanytabs box, you can also configure a key combination to quickly open the selection window.
For example, you can use the CTRL-Q key combination to open the tab selection window at any time.
There is also another function in this extension that deserves to be used.
If a tab is moved in the selection box with the mouse on the right column, it is parked and closed, ready to be reopened whenever you want.
In practice, to prevent Chrome from slowing down your computer and taking up too much memory when there are too many tabs open, you can park those that are not used and then reopen them if necessary.
In Firefox ToomanyTabs has been deleted.
Toomanytabs is one of the extensions that should never be missing, on Chrome .
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