Manage all browser plugins with a single tool

The Browser is the most important program on the computer because the one that allows us to surf the internet, but it is also the most delicate program, the door to the outside from which malicious software can enter.
For this reason it is important that the browser is always updated to the latest version and that it is not integrated with malicious plugins, extensions or toolbars.
Just these extensions, which improve and allow you to customize the functions of the browser, become dangerous when they change the security settings of internet browsing, changing the behavior of the browser itself.
Sometimes these toolbars or extensions can bring annoying slowdowns to internet browsing, or they can transmit the sites we visit or other private information externally.
For those who use Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers on the computer, there are two free alternative programs to manage, from a single interface, all the plugins and extensions installed on the computer .
1) Auslogics Browser Care, a small free tool for Windows. This tool allows you to monitor all the browsers installed on your PC so that their performance is always high. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox and is useful for managing them all from a single panel, even automatically.
With Browser Care you can view, manage, disable or remove all the plugins, toolbars and extensions installed on the three main browsers. You can also see the amount of temporary data they created and clear the 3 browser cache files.
You can also quickly change the default search engine and start page for all three. The most useful functions of this tool are however two:
- the ability to reset the browser configuration to return to the default settings.
- the possibility of removing the toolbars that often infest Chrome, Firefox and above all Internet Explorer.
Note that Browser Care starts automatically with the computer, this can be avoided by going to the settings and removing the check from the first option.
2) Similar is Wise Plugin Manager which displays supported web browsers on the left and installed plugins on the right. It supports Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox and allows you to manage, disable, uninstall all plugins.
3) Ccleaner in a more recent version has added plugin management among its tools, to remove or disable extensions and plugins from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
4) BrowserAddonsView to see all the extensions installed on Chrome and Firefox
- Reset to default settings for Firefox, Chrome, IE
- Change settings in browsers modified by malware, adware and toolbars
- Remove adware and toolbar

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