Board and board games online: Risiko, Monopoli and others

The old board games, the board games that all the kids of 15/20 years ago played with their friends at home, have now turned into online games with multiplayer challenges and online games on the internet.
There are no more cardboard boxes containing the displayboards, place cards, dice and hourglasses, but, to play, a PC connected to the internet is enough.
Games like Risiko, Monopoli, Scarabeo, Backgammon and others can be played online on the computer against players from all over the world.
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1) In Italy the market leader of board games is the web portal Editricegiochi specialized in board games, there is also one of the best of the genre, Risiko and Scarabeo is about to come out. The game is the same invented 50 years ago, a war between people armed with tanks, aimed at conquering the world.
The official Italian digital version is called Risiko Digital, available online, on Facebook and as an app for iPhone and Android. Unfortunately Risiko Digital is not free.
2) Risiko online for free is difficult to find in the original version, but you can enjoy AtWar, a browser game inspired by Risiko and a bit by Civilization, free, where you can play multiplayer with other players it's in Italian.
3) Warzone is perhaps the best unofficial online version of Risiko, free to play. Warzone follows the same rules as Risiko and you can play it alone or with other people or friends as you would with the board game.
3) To find other free web applications to play Risiko- style war online, you can register on the GSkirm site which is a Risiko on Google Maps, then you can play NetPigs or World Wars.
4) Kdice is not really Risiko but it is a turn-based strategic war game that looks like a game of poker that can be played freely and for free. Everything takes place via browser and its community of players is very rich, so much so that on Wikipedia there is a very detailed review. It looks like a board game and 7 players compete for each board. Being a multiplayer game, there is also a ranking, the rank, with the best and the challenge is very heated and competitive.
5) Conquer Club is a real turn-based online Risiko in which the goal is to conquer the world. The game here is not fast, it is in fact a browser game like those seen in the list of the best online browser games, destined to last several days and in which every move must be made at least within 24 hours. If on the one hand it can become a pastime to devote 5 minutes a day to, it is easy to imagine that there will be the most competitive ones able to stay awake at night to reflect and think about the steps to be taken to become masters of the world. Diplomacy is important and we can agree to destroy the leader of the game and bring him down.
6) NetRisk is a beautiful and free multiplayer Risiko to download to your computer that allows you to play against other real players, up to 8 per game.
7) For those who want to have fun with single and fast games against the computer, they can download the real Risiko which is also available in Italian and which is neither multiplayer nor online.
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1) Official Monopoli Online is on the website, in HTML5 version without the need for flash, where you can play in 2, 3 or 4 players together on the same computer.
Monopoly can also be played, in an unofficial version, on Android.
2) GtkAtlantic is a clone of Monopolies online and the best free alternative that you can find, above all because there is also the possibility to challenge your friends online and play on the net. In addition to the possibility of creating a game on a private network, there are also six public servers to confront other players. Gtk Atlantic is available for both windows and Linux.
3) The original Monopoly game is Monopoly Deluxe, which can be downloaded for Windows PC and shows the classic game board of the good old house and hotel game.

Other board games online

1) In another article the best Scarabeo and Lyricist games are listed online and as an app for Facebook, for Android and iPhone.
2) Some board games with a board and cards to print
3) On the Macro Gamers website there are several table games to play on the internet: Naval Battle, Checkers, Chess, Sudoku, Backgammon, Dice, Poker and others.
4) Always table games are online card games such as Scopa, Uno, Poker, Burraco and the solitaires, listed in another article.
5) For mobile phones, there are free applications to play cards on Android, iPhone and iPad
6) In another article, the best free Chess and Checkers games via the web, on Android and iPhone .
7) On Facebook, we have several applications that recall the old board and board games : Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Mahjong, Dice, Naval battle.
All games that add up to the best Facebook videogames, seen in another article.
8) Finally, to play Sudoku and the Puzzle Games, I refer to the relative page with many ideas and alternatives.

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