The best programs that can be integrated into Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there, able to give a hard time to the domain of Microsoft browsers and has become increasingly a point of reference for Internet users who have always been looking for a fast, secure and widely customizable browser.
In addition to the extensions, we can install the so-called applications within Google Chrome, real programs that work via Web languages ​​but that can be used (in many scenarios) even without an Internet connection, as if they were real programs installed on the PC.
In this guide we will show you the best programs that can be integrated into Google Chrome, showing you where to find them, how to install them and how to use them alongside the common programs already installed on your PC. These programs will work on a dedicated window and independently of the browser, however sharing their functionality and extensions (which will also be active on the apps, even if not visible, exactly like the bars).
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The best programs that can be integrated into Google Chrome
Below we will find the Web programs that can be installed in Google Chrome and can be used separately from the browser, with a clean interface (without bars) and in many cases without an Internet connection (depends on the nature of the application).
1) Videostream for Google Chromecast

One of the best programs that we can use together with Google Chrome and Chromecast is Videostream.
With this program we will be able to view any video saved in the PC memory on Chromecast regardless of the format and codecs used, thanks to an integrated automatic conversion system.
We will only have to index one or more PC folders within the program, leave this app started on PC (better even in auto-start) and manage playback on the Chromecast from the interface offered by the program (Choose Video button) or via a convenient app for Android and iPhone, where you can view all the videos and decide which one to see on the Google dongle.
Videostream can be integrated into Google Chrome as an app (also works offline) using the link present here -> Videostream .
If we want to better control this program, we recommend pairing the Videostream app for Android and Videostream (iOS).
2) Google Remote Desktop

Another convenient application that we can integrate into Google Chrome is Google Remote Desktop, which will allow you (via Internet connection) to control the desktop of another PC remotely, anywhere in the world.
By installing this extension we will be asked to also install a program on the PC that can help manage remote control.
Once ready we will be provided with two possibilities: offer remote assistance to another PC or request assistance from another user with Google Remote Desktop.
The connection works by sharing an identification code and a possible password, but we can create an account in which to save all our most common PCs so that we can check them immediately without having to ask for the code and password each time.
This program requires Internet access and can operate separately from the browser.
We can install the application from here -> Google Remote Desktop .
3) Editor Office

We want an office suite to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations without buying a Microsoft Office license "> Editor Office.
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4) Kami - PDF and Document Markup

We need a program to edit PDFs on the fly "> Kami - PDF and Document Markup.
5) Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder

This program is also an extension and allows you to record the full screen of the PC or just the window in the foreground, so that you can make educational videos on the functionality of a program or a site, really useful if we have a YouTube channel.
We can also choose whether or not to integrate the microphone audio, so as to make the video capture even more complete, we can adjust the video quality and the output format and, when ready, start recording with a simple mouse click on the program or on the extension icon.
At the end of the recording you will be offered numerous editing tools to cut the videos and we can save the video both as a file in the local memory and upload it to Drive or directly to YouTube (if we have added the access data to the latter).
If we are interested we can download the app and the extension from here -> Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder .
How to add Chrome programs to the desktop
The programs installed from the Google Chrome store are accessible by typing the following command in the address bar:
chrome: // apps
We will see the list of all applications and sites available as separate programs, in a window that can be managed independently of the browser.
To add a Google Chrome program to the desktop, simply left-click on the program of our interest and select the Create shortcuts item.

Make sure there are check marks on both items that will appear ( Desktop and Start Menu ) then click OK to add these programs to the desktop of our PC and to the Windows Start menu.
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