The lyrics of the songs on Youtube and Spotify (Chrome extensions)

Recently, to read the lyrics of a song, just search for it on Google . Those who have never tried it, can immediately try to search, for example, Albachiara text on Google and immediately get the lyrics of the song without having to click any other site. The texts that Google makes us read come from the immense archive of Google Play, the online store that sells music on demand.
If, however, you want to follow the lyrics of a song while listening to it, perhaps even to sing it in front of the PC, you can go install one of these extensions that adds the lyrics of the songs to every Youtube music video . Although there are many ways to read the words sung in a song, that of installing an extension that automatically shows the text on the screen as in a karaoke video is certainly the most comfortable. Most of these extensions for Chrome (and also for Firefox) allow you to view the lyrics of a song in a separate interface on the same tab as the YouTube video. One of them also provides lyrics synchronized to videos. Some support not only Youtube, but also streaming music sites like Spotify, Jango, Google Music, SoundCloud,
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1) MusiXmatch for Spotify is an unofficial extension of the most popular of sites to find lyrics and lyrics of songs. This app only works with Spotify.
2) Gaana Lyrics is an extension similar to MusixMatch, less popular, which shows the lyrics of the songs played on YouTube, Youtube Music, Spotify and other apps as in a separate box and for some also highlighting the text that is sung in a synchronized way .
3) Lyrics Here shows, when you open a music video on Youtube, the text automatically on the right in a small column. The plugin works in German, French, Spanish and Italian and the box can be moved, resized, activated and closed according to preferences. The words on the box can also be selected with the mouse and copied and pasted to save the lyrics of the songs.
This extension can also be found for Firefox and Safari and also supports Spotify on the Spotify website
4) Youtube Genius is yet another Chrome extension that displays lyrics from music videos on YouTube, which is based on the website.
be activated by the YouTube Genius extension at the top right. To activate the text, click on the Genius button below the video views.
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