The lightest browser: Slimjet to open the fast internet

The browser is certainly the most important program on a home PC so the choice of which one to use should be well thought out on the basis of personal and technical factors.
There are those who use Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and then there are those who choose less popular browsers such as Opera, Maxthon, Avant and others.
In another article, the complete list of free web browsers for all computers .
Among these there is one that called SlimJet, based on the Chrome rendering engine, for Windows, Mac and Linux .
SlimJet aims to become the best web browser for all versions of Windows including Windows 10, is designed to be fast and includes a large number of functions to maximize online productivity.
It starts quickly and opens web pages with minimal delay.
The first thing you can notice about browsers is the boot time and Slimjet opens in a flash.
At the first launch, you are asked to import your favorites from other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
SlimJet, developed by FlashPeak, has a home page with the "quick selection" that can be said to have been copied from Opera's.
By default there are already quick buttons for eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo !, CNN, Twitter, Gmail and other sites.
One of the biggest advantages of Slim browsers is that they come with many features that other browsers can only have through installing extensions.
From the File menu you can reopen recently visited sites, capture a screen or a selected area, activate private browsing and hide the browser, which is useful in the office, allowing the window to completely disappear and then reappear when you press a certain combination of keys.
Among the tools there are a web inspector to analyze the code of the websites, the advertising blocker, the pop-up blocker, change of user-agent and many other options that are the same as in Chrome.
You can also change the appearance of the tabs and you can put the titles of the open tabs at the bottom (right click on a menu bar to change the interface).
There are also an automatic form compiler, a password manager and also the function of creating groups of tabs to open them all together.

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