Chrome's Task Manager to close tabs that take up more memory

Google Chrome is a very massive program, not just a browser but almost an operating system of various applications and tools.
It is normal therefore that Chrome, if used intensively and therefore if you open many websites and web applications together, can go to consume a lot of computer memory as if many programs were open.
On a Windows PC, when there are many programs open and running, you can go to the task manager to see which ones take up the most memory or CPU.
In Chrome it is almost the same, there is a task manager where you can control which card and which plugin or extension occupies more memory, with the possibility of terminating it if you want to recover that memory .
If you look in Windows Task Manager, it's hard enough to tell which tab in Chrome is chewing on all that memory.
The Chrome Task Manager opens from the Settings menu, moving the mouse over Tools or pressing the Shift-Esc keys together.
Those who use Chrome with many tabs open, to free up memory on the computer, must not go to the Windows task manager but to the Chrome task manager.
From the Chrome task manager, click on the memory column to sort the activities, select the web page that deals with the most and then press on End process .
The nice thing is that the tab is not closed, but only ended .
If you want to reopen that site or that web page, you can click on that tab and then press the Update button (the one at the top with the round arrow).
The Chrome task manager is also very useful for closing blocked tabs, which are not responding or which have opened harmful, strange or full of advertising web pages.
If you want to know more about the active processes in Chrome you can open a tab on the chrome: // memory-redirect / page and view all the open processes (tabs, plugins, extensions, etc.) with their memory usage.
This page can also be accessed from the Chrome task manager by clicking the " statistics per nerd " link.
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