Install Chrome extensions on Firefox directly from the Web Store

Today version 48 of Firefox has been released which, among other things, brings an extraordinary and appreciated novelty, support for WebExtensions which, in simple terms, makes it possible to install the Chrome extension on Firefox .
Once upon a time Firefox was the leading browser because it was the one that allowed you to install extensions, i.e. add-ons to expand the functions of the browser according to the use made of it.
Today Chrome is the most used web browser in the world, it has surpassed Firefox not only for Google's ability to create a modern and powerful browser, but also for the number of extensions that are also better organized in the Chrome Web Store, clearly better than the Firefox addon download site.
If Firefox gives you the option to install Chrome extensions, directly from the Chrome Web Store, then this gap could really be eliminated.
To install Chrome extensions on Firefox it is necessary that the Chrome extension files which are of the .CRX type are converted to .XPI files which are the Firefox addons.
The tool that does this conversion is an add-on to install on Firefox called the Chrome Store Foxified .
After installing this add-on in Firefox, you can open the Chrome web Store in the category of extensions and note that, by opening the page of an extension chosen to be installed, the button at the top has the words Add To Firefox . Click the Add to Firefox button at the top right and note that the popup that appears contains several links and buttons.
To do the immediate test, you can simply click on " temporarily install unsigned download ".
This way the extension is temporarily installed and is removed by closing and restarting Firefox.
Since not all Chrome extensions can work in Firefox, this is the best way to try it out.
For example, you can try the small extension for Chrome which now also works in Firefox.
If you want to make the Firefox extension permanent, you must first log in with a registered account on the Firefox addon site.
Once we have registered an account with Email, proceed with the login and then, from the popup that appears by pressing the Add To Firefox button in the Chrome Web Store, click the " Sign Addon and Install " link.
You can also choose to save the add-on with a .crx file.
Once all the processes have been completed, you can try installing all the extensions we need in Firefox.
It can be seen that the extensions added in Firefox show their icon in the top right corner of the Firefox toolbar.
Although some Chrome extensions work flawlessly already in Firefox, others may not work.
The fact remains that if this new support for WebExtensions is perfected and most of the Chrome extensions will also be usable in Firefox, it is really a big advantage for Firefox that it becomes more universal and expandable than any other Chrome browser (not based on WebExtensions) .
For the record, in Firefox 48, there is also the blocking of automatic downloads from malicious sites and the deactivation of unverified extensions.
To update Firefox to the new version, press the menu key with three lines, click the question mark and then on About Firefox or go to the website to download Firefox

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