Send and Receive Email on PC: 6 best free email programs

I personally believe that the best way to read and manage emails is via a web browser, especially if you are using advanced and complete services such as Gmail and
If, however, you prefer to have a backup to keep emails stored on your PC, to download e-mail messages on your computer and have a more advanced management and writing program than a web page on Chrome or Firefox, then you must install a dedicated email program that is reliable, secure and modern.
A program is especially useful if you use more than one email account, if these accounts are all to be checked and kept open at the same time and to aggregate the various messages, calendars and contact list.
A program for sending and receiving emails is also recommended for those who use their PC a lot without an internet connection.
The first program that comes to mind is definitely Microsoft Outlook, which however is not free and is included in the expensive Office suite, which is not worth buying for office needs.
The other program that comes to mind is, excluding the now defunct Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, whose support ended last year and which is no longer advisable to use for security reasons.
PostBox, perhaps the most modern program for Windows and Mac, is also not free.
What remains "> Thunderbird
The first program that is reported as the best of the alternative clients to Microsoft Outlook is always Mozilla Thunderbird.
This program, which is the only high-level open source, has not been improved or modified by Mozilla since 2012, although it still receives the security updates that an e-mail program needs.
This means that Thunderbird still remains a very valid choice to manage Email on PC and Mac, although it certainly cannot be defined as a modern program.
The best qualities of Thunderbird are related to the possibility of installing extensions and plugins that increase and improve the basic functionality.
2) eM Client
eM Client can now be considered the best free email program for PC and Mac, with support for email providers and integrated chat that supports various protocols.
The free version is limited to non-commercial use and allows you to manage a maximum of two e-mail accounts but, otherwise, it is identical to the paid version.
eM client includes support for Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and, quick search, integrated calendar and contact list.
3) MailBird
Mailbird is a modern and optimized program to manage and read emails, which will appeal to especially those who have never been comfortable with other email clients.
For this reason, I recommend everyone to try it at least once, because if it is true that it is very different from the others, it can also surprise you positively.
With a splendid elegant and minimal interface, Mailbird works with any IMAP or POP email service, has a very efficient search and indexing function, also supports the cloud services of Dropbox, Evernote, Google and others and supports up to 3 accounts. email and also integrates with your Facebook account and Whatsapp messages.
The PRO version also has other functions to manage as many accounts as you want, to set reminders and to preview attachments.
The Pro version can be tried for free for 30 days, after the first installation of the program.
4) Claws Mail
This is a simple and open source client and free to be used on Windows and Linux PCs, to send and receive emails from the PC, with an old and not at all modern interface, but very light and essential.
However, the Claws Mail program hides a powerful email manager suitable for more experienced users who know how to configure POP3 / IMAP settings manually and who want to set up custom filters for an unlimited number of accounts.
5) Opera Mail
Opera Mail is a very minimal, recently developed, fairly classic, completely free and functional email program for Windows and Mac PCs.
It is an essential Email client, without calendar (with feed reader) good for those looking for something light to catalog and order e-mail without difficulty.
6) Nylas is the most beautiful app for reading mail on a PC, with a modern, clean and elegant interface that looks a lot like the Mac's Email application, easy to use.
Finally, do not forget that in Windows 10 and 8 you can manage emails with the Mail app, which integrates with the calendar and other apps from the Microsoft store, which is free and supports all types of email accounts.

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