Send Email via SMS (with Gmail)

How useful it would be to send the SMS notification that you have sent an email to someone "> CloudHQ, who recently released an extension for Chrome that integrates into Gmail, free of charge, which allows you to send emails via SMS .
The extension is called Send Your Email to SMS (text) and should only be installed.
Opening Gmail, opening an email already sent or received, you will notice a new button at the top with written Text Message which is the one to press to send the email via SMS.
The first time you use it, you will have to log in to a new CloudHQ account via your Gmail account.
Here you will be asked to authorize the extension to access some Google account data (since it is a reliable commercial company, there should be no privacy problems).
By reloading Gmail you will have the possibility to send any email via SMS by pressing the button added by the extension.
In the box that opens, you must therefore write the recipient's phone number, also putting the international prefix, or the +39 for Italian numbers.
Below, you can customize the SMS by writing what you want, without however deleting the link that refers to the email.
Those who receive the SMS can click on the link to open the email on the CloudHQ website and will also receive any attachments.
For the moment this service is free for personal use and I have found no limitations.
CloudHQ also offers other extensions for Gmail on Chrome to save emails as PDF, Dropbox or other cloud services.
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