Apps that save us money and time (Android and iPhone)

The smartphone that we keep in our pocket or bag every day is not only a computer for messaging, sharing photos and making calls, but also a multi-use tool that allows us to save time in many daily activities and money in purchases.
On modern mobile phones, especially on Android phones and iPhones, you can install some applications that allow you to improve your life in a general sense and that, consequently, allow you to be more informed and more careful in managing money and product prices .
In this article we see 10 ideas (and if you have others leave a comment) to save money and time by using some special and little-known applications for iPhone and Android .
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1) Save money on electronics and technology purchases at the mall
There are categories of products that cost a lot less when bought online on the internet, one of which is that of technology products.
You can also save a lot of money by purchasing electrical outlets, routers, USB sticks, computer components, electronics accessories and anything sold in a large store such as Mediaworld, Trony or Saturn, using the Amazon application for iPhone and Android.
The application allows you to use the camera as a bar code reader so for each product displayed on the shelves of a store, you can scan the code and see the price on Amazon.
If it is much lower, considering that Amazon has free shipping costs, it is better to buy it online.
Another application to find discounts in online stores is Doveconegue, which allows you to know how much a certain product costs and where you can find the cheapest price and is among the best apps to compare prices.
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2) Save time and money in the car
This is quite obvious: using a GPS navigator app you can always find the shortest way to get anywhere.
The thing, however, that perhaps some do not know is that the main applications with the satellite navigator (such as Google Maps and Waze) estimate the travel times based on traffic and allow you to avoid traffic jams caused by work in progress or accidents.
3) Save money on gasoline
While driving, you can find the lowest priced petrol pumps that are closest to our location.
Among these, there is once again Waze, already mentioned in the previous point.
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4) Automatically add business card numbers to the phone book
Thanks to some free applications for iPhone and Android, you can make a photo-scan of business cards to save them in the address book quickly, without having to write names and numbers by hand.
5) Automate frequent operations
A lot of wasted time can be saved with an Android mobile phone and one of the applications to activate automatic actions of the smartphone.
Practically you can make sure that when you go home the wifi is automatically activated, that it goes silent at night, that when you go around the wifi is disabled and that when the battery is almost empty all network receivers are disabled .
These are some examples, but the possibilities are theoretically infinite.
6) Receive automatic reminders based on your location
To never forget what you need to do in a certain place, you can put an automatic reminder that sends a notification on your mobile phone when you are in that place.
An app that does this job is Easilydo, for iPhone and Android, a complete virtual assistant to never forget an appointment.
Alternatively, without installing additional applications, you can use the iPhone Reminder app.
7) Use shop loyalty cards or gym card
Every large store issues a loyalty card and the wallet may end up filling up with these cards.
In order not to waste time and to always have them at hand, you can store barcodes on your smartphone and then, instead of passing the card on the laser reader, show the phone screen.
Unfortunately, sometimes it may not work (because the reader laser does not read an LCD screen), but it is worth trying.
In another article, the best apps for using loyalty cards and cards on Android and iPhone.
8) Save money on the internet connection on consumption with your smartphone
Most mobile internet subscriptions are limited by the amount of GB transferred in a month.
We have therefore seen, in other articles, how to avoid extra costs of internet data connection on consumption with the smartphone and how to consume less internet data.
9) Call at lower rates
With a smartphone it is possible to take advantage of some VOIP applications to make calls at lower prices than the rates paid to the service provider.
One of these is Google Hangouts to make calls from PC and mobile phone.
You can also use Facebook Messenger to call Facebook friends for free
10) Know when the bus or train arrives
Those who use public transport, instead of waiting anxiously for the bus to arrive at the stop, can take advantage of some iPhone and Android applications that say the exact time of arrival.
The most complete app for knowing bus and train timetables is Moovit, free for Android and iPhone.
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