The most useful extensions for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox still remains one of the best browsers in terms of customization thanks to the addons (or extensions) provided for this browser; so we can add features and options in a few simple clicks.
There are extensions that can satisfy various needs and tastes, but if we are new with this browser we may be in difficulty understanding which extensions to try, especially if we come from Chrome, Safari or Edge.
In this guide we have collected all the most useful extensions that you can install on Mozilla Firefox, so as to expand its functionality beyond all limits.
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Before seeing the most useful extensions for Firefox we will show you the link with which to download for free this web browser, compatible with any modern operating system.
The download link of the PC version (Windows, Linux or Mac) is available here -> Mozilla Firefox .
Some of these extensions are also compatible with the mobile version of the browser; if we want to try them also on smartphones or tablets we can download the mobile versions of Firefox here -> Mozilla Firefox (Android) and Mozilla Firefox (iOS).
1) Gmail Notifier : this extension allows you to receive notifications of a Gmail account directly on a button in the browser bar or as a system notification on Windows, so as not to lose even an email.
2) Simple Translate : with this we can compensate for the lack of an integrated translator, so that we can translate any selected text or the entire page into the desired language on Firefoc with a right mouse click on it (use Google Translate for translations) or using the extension button.
3) URL Link : allows you to select a word or a series of words and make them a clickable link.
This is used to open the non-clickable links found on the internet or email addresses or other network addresses.
4) New Tab Plus : it is an extension that adds several options when opening a new tab.
There will be buttons to open your favorite sites and the first tab screen can be customized and even saved for use on other computers.
5) Video Resumer : it is an extension for YouTube, which automatically saves the point up to which a video has been reached.
In practice, this add-on automatically resumes YouTube videos from where they were viewed until the last time, even if you restart the browser.
Also great for reviewing a video as soon as it ends, without having to reload the page or move the scroll bar back.
6) Stylish : it is the extension to change the graphics of websites.
If you want to change the colors of Facebook, Google and Youtube or change the theme, you can install a script for Stylish, a popular extension for Firefox.
7) ImageUs : allows you to enlarge images of websites only by moving the mouse cursor over them.
8) anonymoX : with this extension we will be able to surf anonymously via VPN, so as to access blocked sites and foreign sites that cannot be reached from Italy, simply by selecting a VPN server from those available in the list.
9) : with this we can check the real price trend of any item on sale on Amazon, so that we can take advantage of the best offers and find out if the offer is real or the price is aligned with competitors.
10) lesspass : by installing this extension we can automatically generate secure passwords for our most sensitive sites, so as to make them hacker-proof.
Passwords can be saved within the extension (locally, without synchronization on the Internet) or saved with the Firefox password management system.
11) Ghostery : with this extension we will be able to block all tracer cookies and scripts integrated into pages capable of spying on our web browsing, increasing the level of privacy of our browser.
12) Firefox Multi-Account Containers : very useful extension to be able to use multiple different accounts on the same browser (in particular for social or email sites) by clearly separating cookies and browsing data between the different browser tabs.
13) Auto Refresh Tab : with this app you can automatically reload a tab by also programming the update frequency, so as to avoid having to proceed manually.
14) Gesturefy : this app allows you to configure gestures with the mouse, in order to speed up the use of the browser as if we were on a smartphone!
15) User-Agent Switcher : by installing this app we can change the user agent of the browser, so as to show the pages as on mobile, on some devices or with other browsers (it will change the string with which the browser is recognized by the Web pages ).
16) Print Edit WE : using this extension we will be able to print any Web page by removing, before printing, the elements that we consider superfluous and with which we want to print (such as banners, header, toolbars or useless images).
17) Forecastfox : with this extension installed we can obtain the weather forecast for any city directly in the browser without having to visit the weather sites every time, with a convenient window where you can check all the information.
18) Bloody Vikings! : by installing this extension we can quickly and quickly use temporary emails, to be used to subscribe to services that can send spam or that we will not use often and we want to try without compromising our official emails.
19) Tab notifier : this extension allows you to receive notification of notifications (with number and small speech bubble) as happens on Chrome.
Very useful for managing social pages or webmail, so as to always receive a visual confirmation of what we receive while browsing with many open tabs.
20) Comodo Online Security : with this security extension we will be able to check all the links that we open and the pages looking for malicious content or that can download viruses to the PC, blocking them before they can act.
Valid help to the antivirus already installed on the PC, so we will avoid opening malicious links unknowingly.

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