Google Art Project artwork photos on Chrome

Google Art Project is the project to collect images from large and small museums around the world, to make works, paintings, sculptures and high resolution photographs available on the internet.
We talked about Art Project in the article on the sites with Virtual tours of online museums in 3D .
Google has now released an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to enjoy these high-quality artistic images in the initial tab of the browser, so as to make it more varied and more interesting every day.
The Google Art Project extension for Chrome replaces the new tab with an artistic image taken from the collection of works of art from the Cultural Institute of Google Art .
The extension displays great works of art from museum collections and galleries around the world.
In order not to lose the habits of the new tab in Chrome, there is the button, at the bottom right, for quick access to the most visited sites.
On the background of the new tab you can also press the right button to access the Google Art Project options and choose to see the buttons of the most visited applications and sites also in the upper left.
From the options you can also choose to see a new image with each new tab open, while by default the image changes every day.
Finally, on the new Art Project tab, you can press the update button at the bottom left to change images and browse random photos of paintings and works of art.
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