Linux Ubuntu 19.10 to be installed for free on all computers

Linux users will already be aware of the release of the new version of Ubuntu, the 19.10, the middle release. The Ubuntu update policy, in fact, provides two updates a year, one that always ends with the version number .04, is the main update, the one that is supported for 5 years. The other, the one with version .10, which instead is a minor update, with 9 months support and will certainly require an update to the next version.
We currently have the Ubuntu 18.04 version as a long-support release, while the 19.10 version is now released, codenamed Eoan Ermine, as a minor update, which shows what to expect from the next LTS version of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020.
Companies that use Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.04 or earlier versions still supported have no real need to update their computer, while those who use Ubuntu on their home PC will have no contraindications in proceeding with the update to 19.10.
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Ubuntu, remember, is the most famous distribution among all the many existing Linux distros, also ideal for trying Linux on the PC (even without removing Windows) for those who have never used it.
In this version 19.10 presents many updated apps and packages, in particular GNOME 3.34.1, Kernel 5.3.0.-13, Thunderbird 68.1.1, LibreOffice, Firefox 69.0.1, Ubuntu 33.0.6-2 software, File 3.34.0, GCC 9.2.1, glibc 2.30, OpenSSL 1.1.1.c.
Ubuntu 19.10 can be downloaded and installed in Italian on any computer, or, thanks to the new version of Ubuntu Windows installer, you can try it on Windows, without the risk of losing anything, as if it were a program.
Who already has Ubuntu will be able to proceed with the update without any problem. You can search for the update by going to Settings > Software and updates, under the Updates tab.
Then set the notification for each new version. Using the Alt-F2 keys you can open a command box and type update-manager -c to open the Update Manager . From here, press the Update button to start the update process to Ubuntu 19.10.
The news of Ubuntu 19.10 mainly concern the new GNOME desktop which includes new features and performance improvements. The new Ubuntu 19.10 makes better use of the GPU RAM cache to store shell components in RAM and reduce overall system load by improving frames per second. Desktop zooming has become easier and window previews are optimized depending on the computer's CPU and GPU. Ultimately, Ubuntu 19.10 feels much faster than version 18.04.
VeraCrypt encryption software is officially supported by GNOME and no longer requires to be installed separately to mount and create encrypted volumes (as is the case with Windows).
Ubuntu 19.10 includes other improvements including:
- New backgrounds.
- Grouping of apps
- Night light and dark theme
- New Todo app to organize things to do
- LZ4 compression to start faster
- NVIDIA driver included in the installation
- Experimental support for the ZFS file system
On the Ubuntu-it site you can read the presentation of Ubuntu 19.10 in Italian .
On the website you can download the latest version of Ubuntu.
For an overview of the new version and to know everything about the most important news, you can consult the English site dedicated to OMGUbuntu .

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