Lunascape, the all-in-one web browser for surfing with three different engines and many extensions

For a natural professional deformation of this blog, I spontaneously experiment with new web browsers even if between Chrome and Firefox it would not be necessary to look for different alternatives.
The browser market for surfing the internet is always evolving, old projects are growing, some are disappearing and other innovations are making headway.
Among the alternative browsers there is one that summarizes the existing rendering engines and that presents unique features and extensions that the most geeks and fans of internet software will appreciate: Lunascape .
The rendering engine is the main component of a browser program because it is the one that reads and interprets the code of the web pages and transforms it into graphics understandable to man.
For example, to understand what I am talking about, By pressing the right mouse button on this page, you can open the Navigaweb source code.
The web browser shows the code in a well-formatted article with logos and various images arranged neatly on the page.
The main rendering engines are 4:
1) Trident : the one used by Internet Explorer and Maxthon derivatives;
2) Gecko : that of Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey;
3) WebKit : that of Chromium, Google Chrome and Safari;
4) Soon : that of Opera Browser.
Each rendering engine displays web pages and websites in a slightly different way, this explains why some sites, especially older ones, see themselves differently depending on the browser used.
LunaScape is an all-in-one web browser that integrates the three main rendering engines: Trident, Gecko and WebKit and therefore displays websites as if you were using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome .
The main special feature of Lunascape is the function to switch between views with a click.
Lunascape however is a browser with a lot of other options and integrated functions very nice for those looking for alternative programs to the classics.
Lunascape can be downloaded for free, in Italian, for Windows, from the site (there is also iLunascape for iPhone).
The first time you install Lunascape, you can import your favorites, settings and even many of the add-ons.
During installation you can choose which rendering engine to use by default according to your preferences.
Lunascape you can choose the graphics to replace the default one, a little gray and not very beautiful to look at.
The interface has the usual tabs, a bar at the top with the main buttons, the setting menus, the favorites, the history and so on all that one would expect.
the rendering engines are changed from the button on the address bar on the right.
An interesting feature is that, if you find a site that is displayed correctly only with a specific engine, you can tell Lunascape to always load that web page with this rendering engine.
At the bottom right of the window there is a group of icons that are used to view the properties of the web page and to configure the security and privacy settings to be used for each website.
The extra features of Lunascape that can tickle the imagination of the most "geeks" is that, since it integrates Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, you can install the extensions of the three browsers and use them all together on a single browser, including scripts.
Not all add-ons are compatible with Lunascape so you will have to try them out.
In the tools menu there are dozens of preloaded scripts and several bookmarklets to be used immediately to further customize online browsing.
Among the best features there is a button on the right, near the question mark, which arranges the open web pages in different tabs, in a grid divided into a number of boxes according to how many tabs there are.
From the same button you can choose whether to place the cards horizontally, vertically or to display them in cascade.
In Lunascape there is also a real-time RSS Feed reader, which scrolls the latest news from your favorite blogs and online newspapers in a horizontal bar.
Lunascape is fully configurable and each button can be moved or deleted as desired.
You can customize almost everything, both in terms of appearance and behavior.
If you feel bored by the usual classic browsers and if you want to surf the internet in more innovative and technologically advanced ways, who knows, Lunascape does not become your favorite browser.
The site claims that it is the fastest browser, everyone says so so all that remains is to measure performance and compare it with other web browsers.

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