Access management menu in Chrome and guest mode

With the latest update of Google Chrome 39, the menu of choice of the account to use to access and customize browser settings has changed.
The menu at the top left with the less visible and more hidden face disappears and a new button appears at the top right, from which you choose the account to use.
This account can be one registered with Google, useful for synchronizing all data, favorites and browser settings on each computer or device, or a simple name.
Each person who uses the computer will then be able to access and identify themselves with their name on Chrome so as not to get confused with the others and to find the favorite sites added and the extensions installed.
In addition to this simple interface change, the ability to browse in guest mode has been added in Chrome 39.
By clicking on the person button at the top right you can press the Change person button and then " Explore as a guest ".
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Chrome's "guest" mode is almost identical to the "incognito" mode and can be used to make a friend surf the internet without using our private account and spying on history and favorites.
Everything that is done in guest mode is not cached in the browser so no history will be saved and there will also be no risk that the computer owner will see the passwords entered to access mail or Facebook.
If you use Chrome on another person's PC, we can take advantage of the guest mode ourselves to leave no traces on that computer.
Guest mode can be turned off in Chrome settings in the "People" section.
NOTE: From the management menu you can also block Chrome for reserved access to the profile .
If, on the other hand, you do not like the new button and you want to go back to the previous Chrome access menu, you need to open the page with the address chrome: // flags, look for the " Activate new profile management system " option and change it to Disabled .
If you want to completely disappear the access selection menu in Chrome instead you must disable, always from the same page, the option Activate the new avatar menu .
To activate the changes you need to scroll to the bottom page and press the "Restart Chrome" button

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