Best Modem to buy (fiber, dual band, wireless AC)

The modem, that is the device that brings the internet connection in the house and that connects to the telephone socket, often we do not need to buy it separately because it is provided by the service provider. Unfortunately, the modem supplied by the operator in some cases can be presented as a poor or in any case not very configurable product, also supplied with a rental or disguised as an activation cost.
Whatever connection we have (ADSL or fiber), we always recommend that you consider buying a new modem and not taking Telecom or other companies.If you have an old modem or if you start a new contract to have internet at home, buying a new modem might be a great idea!
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1) ADSL or Fiber: which modem to use "> If instead we have an ADSL connection we can use any type of modem on the market, since they are perfectly compatible.
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2) Modem features
When we have to choose a new modem the most important features to check are the following
- Dual Band : means that the router is capable of operating in two different frequencies, the 2.4 GHz one and the 5GHz one .
For the differences between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, I refer to another article but we can safely tell you that Dual Band devices are constantly increasing: it is better to have a modem with these characteristics, so as to have less interference.
- Wireless or 802.11 ac : with this protocol we can travel, on the 5GHz frequency, at a very high speed (over 1000 Mbps) with compatible devices.
These speeds can very well replace connections via Ethernet, but given their poor coverage they can only be used near the modem (no more than 10 meters).
- DNS configuration : more and more proprietary modems remove this important option to prevent users from modifying the DNS that can be exploited for the requests of the pages, in compliance with copyright laws (many pirated sites cannot be visited due to DNS filters ).
If we are for free navigation without obstacles, we always recommend placing a modem that can configure
In addition to these, there are standard features that all newer modems should have (and which have those reported here) which, of course, should not be renounced: VDSL support to connect to a mixed fiber optic line, ADSL 2+ support which is the standard for classic ADSL, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that to configure cable devices.
Regarding the antennas I would not pay much attention to their number, which in many cases only make a scene even considering that many models have internal antennas and take the same.
Some have one or two USB ports for sharing files on an external hard drive connected directly to the modem.
Some modems also have the input to connect 3G 4G internet keys and are useful for creating a connection at home using a mobile rate, without ADSL.

Best modems of the moment to buy

In conclusion, the modem models that we can consider the best in features and price and that we can buy on Amazon are:
  • TP-Link Archer VR400 is the standard wireless modem of the moment, ideal for spending little money and in any case having a modem of fast quality and compatible with all fiber or ADSL networks.
  • Netgear D6220 (€ 84): highly evolved and compact modem with ADSL and fiber support, automatic operator detection, beamforming and management via app.
  • Netgear D6400 (45 €): very compact modem but with all the necessary features to be used with ADSL and fiber without problems, with Dual Band WiFi and Gigabit connections.
  • TP-Link Archer VR600 (€ 83): a very nice modem with all the technology we need, including Wi-Fi AC1600 Dual Band, ADSL / VDSL / Fiber, 4 Gigabit Ports, 1 USB 2.0, Broadcom CPU, Technology Beamforming.
  • Netgear D6400 (€ 86): evolution of previous Netgear modems, with a vertical design, internal antennas and all the control lights in the foreground.
  • TP-Link Archer VR1210v (90 €): one of the best modems for design and reviews on Amazon, with Dual-Band AC1200, ADSL / VDSL, 1 USB port, 2 WAN, 5 Gigabit ports
  • AVM FRITZ! Box 3490 (€ 96): one of the best modems in circulation, for features offered especially for advanced configurations, such as AC1750 Dual Band, ADSL2 +, Fiber (VDSL), 4 Gigabit LAN, Router Mode with WAN in LAN 1, 2 USB 3.0 .
  • Netgear Nighthawk D7000-100PES (130 €): for those looking for a modem to play without limits and with full control of the band for gaming devices such as consoles and PCs. It has AC1900 Dual Band, Automatic ADSL or VDSL connection detection, WiFi Beamforming, advanced priority management for gaming peripherals and management via app.

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