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Smartphone adapters, called the "Dongle" (which has no translation in Italian), can really add new features to the mobile phone, and although in some cases they may not be too good to look at, they manage to meet specific needs that would otherwise be impossible. In general, these are accessories with more than reduced dimensions, in order to create the smallest possible footprint, which can be connected to the audio socket, to the charger socket or even to the camera. The functions are the most varied, from the storage capacity to save more data to the improvement of the lens of the camera or microphone up to the connection of the phone to larger screens such as TV.
Below, therefore, the most useful Dongles or adapters to increase the capabilities and functions of the Android smartphone or iPhone in a real and concrete way, which also work with tablets and iPad.
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1) See the phone screen on the big screen .
With technologies such as Chromecast and Apple AirPlay, the possibilities to see the phone screen on TV or on the monitor are many, but using a cable the connection between mobile phone and large screen certainly becomes more reliable and stable, even without the need for a wifi connection ( ideal for when you go on vacation).
We have already talked about how to connect iPad or iPhone to TV .
In summary, an Apple Lightning digital AV adapter of 30 Euros or less is enough, which connects to the HDMI port of the TV. Apps, presentations, websites, movies, TV shows, and more can be streamed, even if the resolution is limited to 1080p.
For Android smartphones, the cable is different, depending on whether the phone has a microUSB or USB-C socket.
On Amazon you can buy the USB-C HDMI adapter for 12 Euros or a little more, or the microUSB HDMI adapter which however only works on phones that support the MHL connection. In both cases you need to check if the phone supports cable video projection.
2) Record audio by improving the microphone
Phone microphones are not always of good quality, so audio recordings can be disturbed or feel bad. If we often use the smrtphone as a recorder, for example during lessons or in messages, we can buy a microphone adapter.
In this case the price is a little higher, at least 40 Euros for an external microphone for iPhone such as the Rig Mic or the Movo microphone for all phones, at 10 Euros. On Amazon you can also find professional microphones for those who record videos and podcasts from the phone.
3) Free up space on your phone
As happens on computers, also on the phones it is possible to connect an external memory to increase their capacity and memory.
On Android smartphones it is possible to buy an On The Go (OTG) adapter cable if the socket is the MicroUSB, to connect any type of USB stick.
With a USB-C port on the phone, you can buy a USB-C adapter or directly buy a USB stick with a USB-C port, like this one from the Sandisk for 40 Euros.
For iPhone, if you want to connect a USB memory, you can use the Lightning USB adapter, for 15 Euros. a USB-C drive and cut out the middleman: this 128GB memory stick from SanDisk would do the job and is less than $ 35 from Amazon at the time of writing.
4) Use the old headphones even on a phone without an audio jack
If we have a new iPhone that doesn't have an audio jack for classic headphones or earphones, instead of buying Airpods (Apple's wireless headphones), you can use the 3.5 mm Lightining adapter.
For Android smartphones without an audio jack, such as the Pixel 2 or Mate 10 Pro, it is possible to connect headphones or audio outputs via a 3.5mm digital cable with a similar adapter, from USB-C to 3.5mm.
5) Use the phone as a computer
Today's high-end smartphones are powerful enough to be used as computers, with a mouse, keyboard and monitor. As seen above in point 1, you can connect the phone to a monitor via an HDMI adapter. As seen then in point 3, it is possible to transform the MicroUSB or USB-C port into a normal USB port in order to connect a keyboard or mouse.
With Samsung and Huawei phones this type of connection has an optimal performance thanks to the DeX support or similar.
On this point, I refer to the guide on how to use the smartphone as a PC with keyboard and monitor .
6) Improve the camera lens
To take spherical photos or to zoom the phone's camera, you can buy an additional lens to attach to the phone. On Amazon there are many lenses for smartphones, starting from 15 Euros.
7) Adapters for microscope and telescope
Those who have a telescope or a microscope can find out how to see the image on the phone screen using a special adapter. On Amazon there are several adapters for telescope, different according to the brand.
For the microscope there is instead a universal adapter.
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