Best Android browsers for smartphones and tablets

Although Chrome is the default browser for most Android smartphones, it is said that we cannot prefer an alternative browser, that is, a different application for surfing the internet.
Searching in the store it is possible, in fact, to find lighter and faster browsers or organized differently or with additional functions that are not available on Chrome.
Unlike iPhones, where Safari is so integrated into the system that it is the basis for any other browser, Browser apps for Android phones are independent applications, which in many cases can also be faster than the pre-installed browser.
In this article we see the best, fastest and most powerful free Android browsers that can be installed on mobile phones and tablets to surf the internet.
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  1. Chrome is the main browser of all Android devices, almost always pre-installed on the phone. The main advantage in using Chrome is the ability to keep data such as favorites, history and logins synchronized between Chrome for PC and Chrome for Android on your Google account. To do this, just log in, with the same account, both on Chrome for PC and on the Android phone and activate the synchronization of Chrome. In this way, you can work indifferently on PC and tablet or smartphone, with the same data saved. The flaw in Chrome is probably the fact that it is owned by Google, which makes no secret of using its products to collect usage data. In another article, the guide to Improve Chrome on Android by changing these 10 Settings
  2. Chrome-based browsers that support extensions are Yandex Browser, very valid, fast, identical to Chrome but without all the bloatware brought by Google.
  3. You can use a different version of Chrome with the Chromer app, which allows you to open links from other apps in an ultra fast way using Chrome, but without loading the entire browser.
  4. Microsoft Edge for Android the mobile version of the same Microsoft browser for Windows 10. its main advantage is that it allows you to use the function to send websites from your phone to your PC with a button.
  5. Opera provides 3 different browsers for Android. Opera Browser and Opera Mini are two different versions of Opera for Android . Opera browser is an alternative app to Chrome, while Opera Mini is a particular browser, which includes a free VPN and allows you to see blocked sites.
  6. The Opera Touch browser has also recently been released, much more modern than the other two, which makes the connection between PC and smartphone quick and easy, through the synchronization function called Flow, which can be used without the need for an account. Opera Touch is also optimized for one-handed udo and is one of the most original browsers for Android smartphones.
  7. Mint Browser is the Xiaomi browser available for all phones: simple and fast, it is an ideal app for slower phones and for those who surf with a slower connection.
  8. Puffin browser to open Flash sites on Android is also one of the lightest browsers, with surprising speed comparable to Chrome. Puffin Browser is also available in an Android TV version.
  9. Samsung Internet Browser is the official browser of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which is also available for other Android smartphones. The Samsung browser is very similar to Chrome, it synchronizes with Chrome on PC by installing the Samsung Internet extension and is really among the lightest and fastest ever. The browser on mobile supports some extensions, allows you to print web pages, save them to read them later, request a website in desktop mode and all the normal options.
  10. Tor Browser for Android, officially released in 2018, to make anonymous and non-traceable connections on each website.
  11. Firefox for Android is the first alternative to Chrome and, as on PC, it is always worth having it installed. Firefox is definitely the first choice for those who use Firefox on their computer as their default browser, because they can synchronize data on the Firefox account. In Firefox for Android there are in fact many useful functions, including also support for Firefox extensions on Android.
  12. Mozilla also provides the Firefox Focus browser for Android which works to surf the internet privately and without leaving a trace.
  13. Firefox Rocket (to be downloaded on APKMirror because it is designed only for Android Go) is the most minimalist and fastest Mozilla browser, for those who want an ultra light browser and without other features than that of opening websites. This browser was created for low-end smartphones with the Android Go lightened system, but can also be used on any other Android phone. Its Turbo mode, when activated, loads web pages instantly. Rocket also has the function to fully photograph web pages with a schreeshot, so that they can be reopened as static images.
  14. Waterfox (disappeared) is the Android browser based on Firefox, practically identical, but without restrictions and with better privacy. In particular, Waterfox for Android does not limit the extensions that can be performed in the browser, does not require permissions to read phone data (except those strictly necessary) and does not collect or transfer telemetry data to Mozilla. Pocket is also disabled for reading after articles and integration with Google Play Services. Thanks to Tor, Waterfox users don't have to worry about third-party cookies which are blocked by default and can only be activated in Settings> Privacy .
  15. CM Browser Fast is one of the fastest browsers for Android phones that stands out for its lightness and speed, in just 2MB of space.
  16. Maxthon Browser is the Android version of this cloud-based Japanese browser, it's a real revelation. Certainly among the fastest to load, with a beautiful home page and many functions such as: synchronization from PC to phone, private browsing, full screen, extensions, sharing options, extreme personalization with themes, download manager.
  17. UC Browser is a huge browser that makes it essential to surf the internet in an optimized way even on mobile phones with a small screen. A bit like Opera Mini, UCBrowser compresses websites by saving bandwidth on the data connection. This, however, also does something more in fact, all those sites that do not have a mobile version and are difficult to navigate on the small screen of the phone, are optimized and each web page is modified so that it can be read and displayed with all the elements arranged, neatly, vertically.
  18. Smooz Browser is a recent browser for Android optimized for use with one hand, thanks to the ability to navigate and change web pages, only your thumb is swiping on the screen. Smooz uses smart gestures for the most common activities: touch and hold a link to open it in a new tab, swipe to switch between tabs and other easy to learn and very intuitive gestures.
  19. Apus Browser is a simple minimalist browser that also supports the Flash Player, the change of user-agent and the full screen. Apus Browser is a very light app, with material design interface (that of Android Lollipop) that takes up very little memory, therefore ideal for weaker and less powerful smartphones.
  20. Via Browser is a fast and compact browser, which offers a certain freshness and modernity in surfing the internet. This browser has many features such as: safe browsing, personalization, saving data, reading web pages offline, incognito mode, synchronizing favorites, extensions, viewing desktop version of sites, translator and much more.
  21. Brave Browser is very similar to Google Chrome, with the tabs, the address bar at the top and the menu bar at the bottom. This is an excellent browser for those who want to surf without being tracked by advertisements, anonymously, in order not to leave traces of navigation.
  22. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is similar to Firefox Focus, optimized to leave no traces on the sites you visit and with the DuckDuckGo search engine, the one that respects Google's competing privacy.
  23. Dolphin Browser has been one of the most popular browsers in the Google Play Store for years, although some time ago it was involved in accusations about the possible espionage of data. Today that these privacy concerns should be solved, Dolphin can be considered as one of the most customizable and feature-rich web browsers for Android.
  24. Aloha Browser is instead the app that allows you to surf the internet behind a free VPN, the best one to visit blocked and obscured sites in Italy or other countries.

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