Best browsers for Android TV, Box and Fire Stick to open videos and websites

The best Smart TVs are, without any doubt, those with the Android system. Not only because thanks to the Google store you can install apps and games as you would on your smartphone, but above all for the possibility of being able to surf the internet with an advanced browser like that of a computer, with which you can open any website, navigate it with simplicity even using the remote control and with support for streaming videos.
The TV browser can therefore become a way to visit your favorite sites, read the news and, above all, access all the streaming movie and video sites, even those for which there is no app. Through a browser you can also watch videos and movies on the PC, if a program such as Kodi or Plex has been installed.
The problem with Smart TVs like Samsung is that there is no browser to surf the web or that the one present is not good enough to open the sites in an optimized way. With Android TVs this problem can be corrected by installing a browser from the store, while on other TVs, both Smart and older ones, it is always possible to connect a Fire TV Stick to be able to surf the internet from the TV without any limitation.
Since not all the browsers in the store are designed to be used via the TV remote control, it is interesting and useful to find out which are the best browsers for Android Smart TVs, for Android TV Boxes and for Amazon Fire Stick (which is always Android), which are optimized for the remote control and which can also open websites with video without problems and without worrying about advertisements.

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  • TVWeb Browser
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  • Google Chrome
  • Silk Browser
  • PC mirroring

1) Puffin TV Browser

Puffin TV Browser is, surprisingly, the best browser for Android on TV, which supports all streaming video sites including those that use the Flash Player and which can also be installed on Amazon Fire Stick, with a little trick.
Puffin works well with the TV or Fire TV remote control, allows you to move the cursor as you would with the mouse, has a command interface that disappears and reappears without disturbing the vision and the sites are always opened correctly and without cuts.
Puffin TV Browser has been specifically designed for Android TV boxes, works on Smart TVs and has an interface specially built to surf the internet on the TV. It shows the history and favorites in the center of the page, in order to quickly access the most visited sites. Very important is the pop-up blocker function, which on the TV screen and without being able to use a mouse could completely block navigation. Puffin blocks pop-ups and allows you to skip them without having to try to close them or go back.
You can also use your smartphone with Puffin to be able to generate the QR code to be sent to the TV, so you can search the internet without having to write with the remote control (which is inconvenient).
To install Puffin on the Smart TV you can open the Google Play Store.
To install Puffin on Fire TV, where it also works very well with popup blocking, you need to follow the guide to install Android App on Fire Stick TV and then search for Puffin from the alternative AptoideTV store (this also applies to other browsers.
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2) Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has a special version for surfing the internet using the Amazon Fire Stick on TV that can be downloaded directly from the list of available apps, by looking for it in the browser categories section. However, this is a very simplified version compared to the Firefox browser for PC, decidedly essential, clearly lower than the Puffin Browser and also compared to the Silk Browser.
As for Smart TVs and Android Boxes, Firefox TV Browser does not exist, but it can be installed in its standard version for Android from the Google Play Store. The only advantage that Firefox gives on TV is the ability to install Firefox extensions on Android, to add functionality to the browser. In addition, some sites like Youtube may load faster with Firefox rather than with the official app, although it depends a lot on the TV used.

3) TVWeb Browser

TVWeb Browser is similar to Puffin TV Browser, specifically designed to run on the Android TV operating system. Navigation is simple, on the left side of the screen there are the search engines, the favorites and the settings menu. Among the most relevant features are integrated voice search, access to browsing history, change of user agent to view the site in PC mode, and mouse pointer on the screen that can be controlled with the normal Android TV remote control.

4) Web browser for Android TV

Web Browser is a browser app for Android TV and Box TV, it is not as good as TVWeb and Puffin, but it can be used with the remote control, becoming an alternative to try anyway. You can see the videos of the sit in full screen mode and you can add your favorite sites to store them.

5) Google Chrome

Oddly, Chrome is not pre-installed on the Android TV operating system and does not have a specific version for browsing the internet from the TV.
Chrome can still be installed on Android TVs, from the Google store, in the same version that you get on a tablet or smartphone.
Unfortunately, however, Chrome cannot be used via the TV remote control and is not even supported by the Fire TV Stick.

6) Silk Browser

Silk is the browser pre-installed on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and is really excellent.
Even if it does not have particular features, it opens sites very quickly, allows you to save them as favorites and supports full screen mode for online videos and movies. The popup blocker prevents advertisements from disturbing viewing and opening windows while browsing (when a popup appears, just press the Stay here button to not load it and close it immediately). Just see how well Youtube works on Amazon Fire Stick opened via Silk Browser (since the youtube app is not available on the Amazon store)
Silk can also be installed on Android TVs, though passing through the alternative Aptoide TV store.

7) Mirroring from PC

If you have a Windows 10 PC, you can use the screen mirroring function to duplicate the screen on the TV. The important thing is that the TV has the function to receive Miracast broadcasts (almost all TVs, even Samsung and Fire TV Stick, support Miracast).
Without installing programs or buying anything, just press the notification button at the bottom right in Windows 10 to find the Project button, which will detect the presence of Miracast receivers in order to duplicate the PC screen.
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