Best extensions and plugins for VLC and how to install them

VLC Media Player is the most used program to watch videos on the PC, capable of opening any type of video and film file without the need for any codec.
With the most updated version of VLC Media Player came the program extensions or plugins, which allow you to add functions.
Installing extensions and plugins in VLC can be done as with Chrome or Firefox.
The download of the extensions for VLC can be done starting from this official page .
By opening the plugin page and you can then click on the download button to download the .lua file.
If instead of downloading the text file opens, you have to copy the entire text and copy it to a new text file using the notepad.
The file must be saved with a .lua extension (see how to see file extensions, change them and rename them).
Sometimes the download leads to a zip file to extract to find the .lua file.
The .lua file is then moved to the folder
C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ VLC \ Lua \ Extensions \
Where "C" is the letter of the drive where the Windows operating system is installed and UserName is the name of the user account.
If the Lua folder did not exist, you need to create it manually.
In the file of each extension, it is always worth reading the instructions because in certain cases the plugin activation procedure can change.
In the list of plugins for VLC there are some, which we could define the best extensions for VLC, which are worth installing, depending on the use that is made of the mediaplayer.
NOTE: VLC extensions and plugins can then be managed from the VLC Tools menu, in a separate settings section.
From this page it is also possible to search for extensions and themes to install them automatically, but not all of them therefore, for the others, the procedure described above remains valid.
1) Moments Tracker is used to create bookmarks on one or more videos so you can jump from one point to another as you would with the chapters of a DVD, giving each bookmark a personalized name.
2) Cleaner Playlist is very useful when you want to automatically remove duplicate files from the VLC playlist.
Apart from this, it is also useful for finding and deleting media files moved from their original location or deleted from the PC.
3) Syncplay is used to play a video on different PCs in sync.
4) Song Teacher is a VLC-based music player that allows you to read the lyrics of each song.
5) TuneIn Radio Plugin allows you to listen to FM radio on VLC using the TuneIn service.
6) Resume media allows you to automatically play an audio or video file from its last location, doing more than already possible in VLC 2.2.1.
7) YouTube Playlist Plugin allows you to import public YouTube playlists directly into the VLC player.
8) VLSub is an extension to find and synchronize subtitles automatically on any video and therefore allows you to open any foreign language film and immediately find Italian subtitles.
9) Play Pause is an extension to pause or resume playback with a click on the video.
10) Jump to Time is used to jump from one point to another in a video.
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