Best extensions for Google Drive / Docs (on Chrome)

We saw in a comparison article between the best online storage services, the strengths and limitations of each " cloud drive " program.
There are all types: some useful for uploading important data online to be viewed and edited on multiple computers, others more recommended for storing program files, videos and music.
A feature common to almost everyone is that, whenever you want to work on one of the files, (like editing a photo or a document) you must first download them to your computer and then reload them online after editing them.
Exceptions to this rule are Onedrive which integrates with Office Web Apps to work on Office documents and Google Drive, which includes Google Docs applications .
The advantage of Google Drive is not only to be a cloud drive, but also to be able to take advantage of the Google Docs, Spreadsheets (Excel type) and Presentations (Powerpoint type) apps which are excellent free alternatives to Office programs.
Thanks to the integration of Google Drive with Google Chrome, applications become like universal programs for any computer, which also work with the computer offline.
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The best extensions on Chrome for Google Drive and Google Docs are :
1) Drive Notepad is a notepad for writing lines of programming code similar to Notepad ++. Every file created is saved in Google Drive.
2) Pixlr Editor is another of the best photo editing applications to make changes and effects to photos that can be installed on Chrome as an app for Google Drive. This looks a lot like Adobe Photoshop, and you can open any image saved on Google Drive directly on the Pixlr Editor for editing. Unlike Aviary, a new item is also added to the Create - More menu in the G-Drive to draw an image from scratch. Pixlr Editor provides some very specialized and technical filters (but always easy to use) including HDR, tilt-shift, vignettes and much more. There are also advanced tools for adjusting Levels and Curves as well as basic tools for Hue, Saturation and Brightness, Contrast.
The editor is also capable of opening PSD files, but with limited support.
3) PicMonkey to edit photos with quick and easy tools.
4) Google Editor Office to open and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with Chrome
5) PDFZen is an online editor for editing and sharing pdf, which can be integrated into Google Drive with its application for Chrome
6) WeVideo is another video editing app for Google Drive to create your own videos by dragging and editing videos on the timeline. You can merge, cut or divide, add filters, add music and transitions effects, slides, stickers, subtitles etc. WeVideo contains many Adobe Premiere features, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and expensive programs. WeVideo can be used for free with a 1 GB space and limited functionality.
7) Lucidchart instead is an online alternative to Microsoft Visio, useful for creating and editing diagrams. It can be used to draw flowcharts, ER diagrams and much more. The best feature is that if documents created with Microsoft Visio have been uploaded to Google Drive you can open, edit and save them through this web app. It is also possible to export the creations in PNG, JPG or PDF image files. To create a new job click on the Create -> Other button.
8) You can try for free but then require a subscription, the extensions for Google Drive on Chrome that are used to sign documents from the computer, without having to print and scan them as SignRequest.
In another article SignRequest was described in detail to sign documents and contracts from the computer or smartphone.
9) FloorPlanner is a magnificent app that allows you to draw on your computer and without downloading any program, your home or room .
Floorplanner can be used from the Google Drive Create -> Other Menu from Google Chrome and is completely in Italian. There are various designed models of furniture for each room: the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the study and so on.
Floorplanner is one of the best programs for drawing rooms and buildings, furnishing 3D houses and designing apartments.
10) GeoGebra, the Google Drive app for doing math operations and geometry and algebra graphs
11) Simple Invoicing is an app to create an invoice that is automatically saved in Google Drive.
12) Lucidpress Free Design Tool is an alternative to InDesign on Chrome integrated in Google Drive, all Cloud Based
13) Music Player for Google Drive is a player to play music saved in Google Drive.
14) SmallPDF is a tool to compress PDF files and make them smaller in size.
15) Gantter for Google drive is a web app similar to Microsoft Project that integrates perfectly with Google Drive files.
16) Translate for Drive to translate documents saved in Google Drive quickly and instantly.
17) Google Forms, the app integrated in Google Drive that allows, as already explained in another guide, to ask questions via email with multiple answers, surveys or adhesions.
18) Soda PDF is the extension to convert PDF documents into Office and LibreOffice formats right in Google Drive and edit PDF.
19) Kami (Notable PDF) works with PDF and also with DOCX documents, PowerPoint files and images, to write notes on it, highlight some parts, draw on documents and share them.
20) DriveTunes is a Chrome app to play MP3 music saved inside Google Drive.
21) Drive Template Gallery to browse the gallery of document templates and use them quickly.
You can then find document templates, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, resumes, cover letters, greeting cards, invoices and others.
22) Save on Google Drive, the Chrome extension to download any file or image from the internet directly to Google Drive.
23) Shortcuts for Google offers a quick menu for accessing over 250 Google services, with the possibility to also customize the links and buttons.
24) Video Converter is a free tool that converts videos to MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV and 3GP formats and can also extract audio from video and change the resolution
25) Audio Cut, to cut an audio file directly from Chrome, to extract a part of a song from an mp3.
There are other Google Drive apps on the Google Web Store that can be installed in Chrome.
Finally, I want to clarify that the applications installed in Google Drive behave similarly to Windows programs.
For example, if two apps are installed to open images and photos such as Pixlr and Aviary, you can choose which one should be the default. From Google Drive, click on the Settings button on the right and, in the drop-down menu, select the option, Manage applications to open a management panel for the installed apps. From here they can be uninstalled or set as default.
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