Best official Chrome extensions made by Google

The Chrome Web Store is increasingly used by Google to spread extensions that can expand the functionality of its services which, of course, are much better on Google's Chrome browser.
To make a summary, we see here the best official Google extensions for Chrome, the ones developed and released by Google employees.
Many of these are extensions I've talked about in the past, others I had only mentioned in several other lists of Chrome extensions.
On this summary page we therefore see the best official extensions for Chrome made by Google, to make its many services more interactive, add support for them and integrate them into the browser.
1) Earth View to see Google Earth images on Chrome is an extension that changes the page that appears when you open a new tab with beautiful satellite images taken from Google Earth.
Each image can also be used as a desktop wallpaper.
2) Google Dictionary
The language dictionary, which until recently was a separate Google service, is now integrated into the search engine.
However, if you want to keep the dictionary with definitions at hand, you can still install the Google Dictionary extension for Chrome that allows you to quickly search for any meaning, from the button at the top right.
With the extension it is also possible to search for terms in a web page just by double clicking on it.
Press the vocabulary icon with the right button to access the options and change the language to put Italian.
3) Similar pages
If you find an interesting site, you can click the Google Pages similar extension button to find sites similar to the one you are looking at.
This extension uses the Google Search Similar function (which is used by clicking on the down arrow next to each result).
4) Google Email Alerts
Google Email Alerts is an icon button that shows unread messages in Gmail.
This extension is very simple and certainly not the best of its kind.
As seen in another article, you can also have audio notifications on Chrome for Gmail with Gmail Checker Plus.
5) Google extensions to save web pages and favorite sites
Google has released three of these types: Save to Google, Save to Keep and also Save to Inbox .
In addition there is also Save to Google Drive, to download files and links in Google Drive, already reported in the past.
6) Compressing websites in Chrome with the Data Saver extension
This is the extension to use if you browse from the PC with a slow connection or with a consumption connection, to make sure that the data downloaded from the internet is compressed when you surf the internet.
7) Personal BlockList to hide unwanted sites from searches
If there are sites that you would never want to see in internet searches again, you can block them in this extension that works just like a blacklist for Google.
8) Caret Browsing is an extension of Google Accessibility which is used to make a cursor appear on each web page to navigate using the arrow keys and select text using the PC keyboard.
9) Google Translate for Chrome is the extension to translate words into foreign language sites only by selecting them.
In Chrome, I remember that the translation of web pages can be done even without installing extensions, by clicking on a page with the right button.
10) Google Art Project extension to see photos of works of art on the initial tab of Chrome, a bit like it happens, with different types of images, for Earth View.
11) Google Tone to send links with PC sounds is one of the most original and special extensions released by Google, which allows you to share website links in an office only by making sounds.
12) Google Bookmark manager, to change the manager of favorites in Chrome with a more modern and more fleece visually.
13) Google Cast, to transmit from the PC on Chromecast (no longer needed today)
14) Google Network diagnostics to check internet connection problems
15) Google Calendar, to integrate the Google calendar in Chrome with all the appointments.
16) Google Input tools for handwriting in Gmail and other sites
17) Password Alert to know if the password used is compromised or already used, it is one of the most important official extensions to install on Chrome, if you use Gmail or any other Google service.
18) Go Back with Backspace is the extension that Google has published to make it possible to go back on Chrome by pressing the backspace key, i.e. the key to delete (the one located at the top right on the keyboard, with the arrow to the left).
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