Best weather programs for PC

Checking the weather forecast directly from the PC could be very useful, especially if we often work from the computer in an office and we want to know exactly what the weather will be tomorrow and in the following days, without disturbing the smartphone (which could be prohibited in the workplace). By installing an app or a weather program for Windows we can always keep an eye on the outside temperature, find out whether it is raining or if it will rain shortly and obtain the weather forecast for the next few days with a high degree of reliability.
After seeing the weather apps for iPhone and iPad and the best weather forecast app for Android mobiles, we now see the best programs for Windows PCs with which to get the weather forecast on the desktop .
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1) Weather for Windows 10

If we use Windows 10 as the operating system for our PC, we will have an already integrated weather forecast app called the Weather. We can find it by looking for its name in the Start menu, even if it is usually already present in the Modern app box (those on the right side of the menu).

We can resize the app like any other Modern component (for example enlarge it to also show the forecast of the following days) and, by clicking on it, we will open the real app with a large amount of meteorological information.

By clicking on each day provided in the app we will be able to obtain information on the temperature, humidity and also find out the risk of rain, also looking in detail at the approximate time for the occurrence of events (in which time slot it will rain for example) . Definitely the best app to know what the weather is like, we will hardly feel the need to find another program for weather conditions on PC.

2) Weather for Windows 8.1

If we still use Windows 8.1 as the operating system, in this case too we will have an app integrated into the operating system, capable of providing the same information seen on Windows 10. To call the Weather app for Windows 8.1 just click at the bottom left on the Start screen icon and, inside the Start screen, search or click on the Weather or Weather icon.

The information provided is identical to that of Windows 10, we will only have to specify the city to be observed for the forecasts (we can also let ourselves be geolocated by the app itself, allowing it access to the position via the permissions menu).
If we want to search for a specific location, just click at the top of the app on the magnifying glass icon and type the name of the city (easy to find the big cities, a little less the smaller municipalities).

3) Weather on Windows 7

If we use Windows 7 as the operating system on our computer, we will not have any integrated tool to display the weather, but we can try one of the following programs that can be installed for free.
HTC Home
HTC Home is a widget for Windows for those who appreciate the graphic style of the screen of HTC Android phones, the one with the big digital clock and the weather. You can download the free HTC Home clock and weather widget on Windows 7 from the official website .

From the main page, click on Go to and then download the Portable version that does not require installation; to extract the .7z archive we recommend using the free 7Zip program.
Once extracted the files in a folder, we execute the Clock.exe file to have the HTC clock or Weather.exe to have the weather forecast always visible on the screen . Each of the widgets is independent of the other and has an options menu that appears by pressing on it with the right button; for example in the options of the weather widget we can set the location where we are and where we want to get the weather forecast. For the watch it is also possible to customize the appearance by choosing a different graphic theme among those available. HTC Home is really nice to look at, light and precise in predicting the weather.
Forecaster is a weather forecast program that, despite being old enough, remains among the most viable solutions for Windows PCs, including versions that are no longer supported.

To download it, just click on the word Download, present at the top right.
After the download, we extract the program into a folder and start the forecaster.exe file.
The program is placed on the right corner of the screen with a small icon near the clock which can have the shape of the sun or rain depending on the time detected. To set the location, simply click the left mouse button on the icon (to be more precise, we use the zip code or the zip code). When you want to see the weather forecast and temperatures for the next few days, simply press the program icon. If you like, in the settings, you can set the application to start automatically.
YoWindow is the best program for real-time weather forecasting on Windows; we can download it for free from here -> YoWindow .

Its peculiarity is the presence of the animated background and in the fact that you can also set a photograph whose colors change according to the time of the moment. YoWindows has a paid version that is really valid and that allows you to set multiple types of backgrounds and monitor multiple cities. YoWindow can also be set as a screensaver, so that it only shows itself when the PC is not in use for a certain period of time.

4) Other weather programs and apps on PC

Other programs that we can use for the weather on the Windows PC screen are:
- WeatherBug
- AccuWeather
If instead we want to integrate the weather as an extension for our web browser, here are the best extensions for the weather on Chrome and Firefox:
- Forecastfox (Mozilla Firefox)
- ForecastFox (Google Chrome)
In another article we talked about the best weather sites and online weather forecasts.
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