Best proxies and programs to go to darkened sites

In a previous article we have described the different ways to surf the internet anonymously and hide your IP; not all the methods we have already seen, however, manage to navigate on blocked sites, since often the blockage is at the IP level or at the level of corporate services (an administrator can block access to Facebook for his employees during working hours for example).
We find on this page the best proxies and programs to navigate on sites blocked in Italy or on sites obscured by system administrators.
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What does Proxy Mean?> Proxies are used in offices and businesses to prevent employees from wasting time on game sites, chats and things that don't fit into the job.
For those who surf the web using a proxy program means hiding the real IP address, covering it with another so as not to recognize the origin and location of the computer used.
In this way you can also visit sites that in your country are blocked by copyright or because blocked at IP level by the judiciary.
With a computer at home you can use public proxies that are on external servers to be set on the browser.
Why use a proxy
There can be two reasons for using these tools:
1) Surfing on sites that for legal reasons have been obscured in a nation or all over the world and that, when accessed, a message appears that can say: "the page cannot be displayed", "the account of this site is been suspended "and the like.
If you know a darkened site, you have to use tools that overcome blocks.
2) Much more simply surfing on sites blocked by the proxies of offices, jobs, schools and universities and them the most common example of these days and certainly Facebook.
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The best free web proxies are listed on another page and do not require you to set the proxy on the browser, they are simply sites to open other sites, with a different IP.
Many proxies offer advanced features such as SSL (data traffic encryption), quick access time and load control (so they can offer good browsing speed to all users.
Normally surfing with a proxy is relatively slower than surfing without, but it's all about choosing a proxy fast enough, close enough to our position and with adequate hardware.
The lists of public proxies are instead IP addresses to be entered in the browser, as indicated in the linked guide a few lines above.
Among the best lists we have:
- Public Proxy Server
- FreeProxyList
- Alive Proxy
- US Proxy List
- proxyserverlist24
- XRoxy
Just open one of the sites above, choose the fastest proxy and set it in your browser or PC so as to exploit it while browsing as seen in the guide indicated above.

It is also possible to install the free Proxy Proxy program, which provides a service to surf freely covered behind their server.
After installing Privoxy it is necessary to set the proxy on the browser at address with port 8118 .
Free programs to surf blocked sites
Below, however, we see the best free programs that allow you to surf the internet with a variable proxy and are methods for navigating blocked and obscured sites ; it must be said that these programs or systems to overcome the blocks must be tested on a case by case basis, some work in certain circumstances, others in others.
1) Tor
Tor is a network of computers with which you can connect to hide browsing and obtain a different IP at each occasion.
Access to this anonymous network is safe and free, so everyone can take advantage of it (although in many cases the performances are much lower than browsing without filters).

We covered the Tor topic in another guide accessible here -> Tor guide for surfing with foreign ip on blocked sites .
If we want to quickly access the Tor network without too many configurations we can use a ready-to-use browser configured for privacy and anonymity as a Tor Browser, downloadable for free from here -> Tor Browser .

This browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and is optimized with extensions and settings designed to obtain maximum privacy and maximum performance when we navigate through the Tor network.
2) Ultrasurf
A very powerful program to get around every type of block including government filters is Ultrasurf, whose main page is accessible from here -> Ultrasurf .

The advantages of UltraSurf are: its speed and the fact of being the only one of these programs to use Internet Explorer which, often, in offices and companies is the only browser that can be used and that does not force the user to use two different browsers.
With Ultrasurf you can see any web page in your interest even with multimedia objects, Java and Flash.
Once you close your browser and finish surfing the internet with UltraSurf, the history, cookies and cache of Internet Explorer are deleted without leaving a trace on your computer.
The latest version of Ultrasurf is also compatible with Google Chrome.
3) Freegate
Among the best alternatives to Ultrasurf there is certainly Freegate, considered by many users to be the best proxy program .
We can download this program from here -> Freegate .

Once started assigns a USA IP that allows you to use all the web applications that work only in the United States, America and removes the block from any site keeping connection speed practically constant, it almost seems not to be under a proxy.
Definitely the best choice for those who want an anonymous connection at maximum speed.
4) AnonymoX
Another extension that we can try to hide our IP and visit blocked sites is AnonymoX, available for Mozilla Firefox from here -> AnonymoX .

Just add it to your web browser and, at the right time, choose one of the available proxies to be able to be connected from abroad, so as to get around any type of filter or censorship.
The extension shows in advance the proxy's computing capacity so that it can benefit from good performance.
5) Hola!
Another technology that we can use to navigate blocked and obscured sites in Italy is that offered by Hola !, a middle ground between a VPN and a proxy server that will allow us to take on the IP of any other nation, so that we can browse any site obscured or blocked in Italy.

The policy of using Hola! is particular: all users join the Hola network! as soon as installed on the browser or on the PC, sharing a small part of the network and PC resources.
If we use Hola! therefore we will be redirected to the network created by all connected users and we will be able to appear with someone else's IP without any problem (as well as other Hola users! they can use our IP at any time to come from Italy); that's why the service is free.
In order to take advantage of Hola! we will have to install the extension for Google Chrome downloadable here -> Hola extension!
Alternatively the program on Windows using the link present here -> Hola!
6) Proxifier
Proxifier is a program suitable in places like the office or university to use those blocked applications.
We can download it from here -> Proxifier .

Once downloaded, we will simply have to set the company or school proxy address, the port and authentication if required by the proxy on the network settings of the application.
With this program we can also set specific programs so that they can use the proxy for certain ports or for all the ports used.
7) Proxy switcher
Proxy switcher is similar to Proxifier and can be downloaded from here -> Proxy switcher .

After downloading and installing it as a proxy (from Edge or IE Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings ) you enter and as port 3128.
At startup Proxyswitcher starts with a guided wizard with which it automatically searches for available proxies with which to navigate; once the list has been updated, simply choose the proxy with the lowest ping value.
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