Best free dating sites to meet new people

Among the sites to meet and meet new people there are many communities organized in portals that require the payment of a subscription in order to fully use all the services offered.
One of the most famous in Italy, for the advertising it does on TV, is definitely Meetic, a powerful dating site, but not free.
Wanting to search only websites (not just apps) to meet new people online and maybe even organize real meetings, which are also free to use and not with the blackmail of having to pay to reply to messages, there are several, but few reliable .
In some cases, in fact, the dating sites only make false promises, show fake profiles, send spam to all friends to register them and continue to send invitations to respond to messages from improbable and attractive girls who, almost certainly, do not exist.
For this reason, for those who want a serious site to look for new people with whom to exchange messages and maybe even meet in real life and find the boy or girl of their dreams without risking scams and without having to pay, you need to look at these listed below, certainly among the best free dating sites to meet new (Italian) people without spending a euro and avoiding ending up in scams or scams.
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The best free dating sites to meet new people
We have collected in this guide only the best dating sites that you can use without risk and especially by spending as little as possible (better still if you can use everything for free).
1) OkCupid
Among the best free dating sites we recommend OkCupid, reachable from the link here -> OkCupid .
A digital dating site should first of all be fun and then it should offer the possibility, at least theoretical, of knowing who you are communicating with ; for these reasons OkCupid has become a very popular site all over the world!
Signing up for OkCupid is absolutely free and without deception, and immediately you can search for people compatible with us based on a nice personality test .
Girls and boys of all ages (of age) can be contacted for free and, often for a fee on other similar sites, you can reply to messages received .
Even if there is a paid premium account with additional search tools and with an almost unlimited mailbox, it is not mandatory to meet new people and therefore take advantage of this dating site!
The only drawback of OkCupid is that the site is in English so those who just can't translate even half a word are cut off; however, many Italians from every city are already registered so just limit your search to Italy or a region to find people to meet online.
Those who chew a little school English can easily register and register a profile, then filling in a long psychological card to describe their personality.
For each question you can also specify to accept only people who answer in a certain way and how important that question is in finding the right people.
Responding truthfully is important to then have suggestions from other people with whom you should get along, avoiding those with opposite tastes and preferences.
The questions are many and you need to answer at least 50 of them to see the percentages of correspondence with other profiles.
The more questions are answered, the more precise the correspondence becomes, even with Italian people!
Obviously, during the registration phase you have to upload one or more photos of yourself otherwise not only will you never be contacted by anyone but you will not even receive answers.
With OkCupid, every day, three profiles are offered that correspond to your preferences and that cross well according to personality tests.
Using the Matches function, you can search for people by putting various filters such as age, nationality, the place where they are located and many other advanced and specific parameters.
You can safely send them a message and, for each profile, it is indicated if it is online and if it is a person who replies often or if it is an inactive user.
If you use Google Chrome as a browser, you can install two extensions to improve the use of OkCupid and search for people in an easier way: Bettercupid adds more images, options and search filters, to search for girls and boys by browsing through their photos quickly.
OkCupid can also be used on Android and iPhone, by downloading the apps available for free from here -> OkCupid (Android) and OkCupid (iOS).
2) Facebook
Today if you want to meet new people it could be enough just to register on Facebook, add friends and then search for people in your city or with common interests or friends.
To find new friends and new acquaintances, simply open the Facebook page then click on Find friends in the bar on the left side.

Once you open this page we will see all the contacts recommended by Facebook based on our friendships, our interests, our school or work history and the cities indicated in our profile (hometown, city of residence and city where we lived in the past ); if there is someone or someone who interests us just click Add to friends next to the profile and wait for the addition.
As already written in other posts, Facebook can be used as a dating site and still remains a very good free site for socializing where you can search for new friends and contacts on Facebook.
Certainly on Facebook you cannot add completely unknown people or without friendships in common and also when sending private messages you must be careful not to be reported for spam and be banned.
Another problem with Facebook is that you have to register with your real name and it is not easy at all to maintain absolute privacy.
If we want to use the Facebook app we can download it from here -> Facebook (Android) and Facebook (iOS).

3) Tinder
A very good site to meet new interesting people for free is Tinder, reachable from here -> Tinder .
To register with Tinder you need to use the Android or iPhone mobile app, from which you can create your own personal profile with lots of information, which will later be used to find people with the greatest possible compatibility.
The Tinder website will then allow you to access and browse profiles as already explained.
It will be possible to search personally based on the city or interests for new people based on the photograph, and choose whether it is interesting or not through the swipes on the app or the arrows on the PC screen: if the interest is mutual, it will be possible to start chat with the person and start a acquaintance.
Remember: it is not enough to put the OK swipe at all or all to start a conversation, but we will have to find an agreement also on the other side in order to start the knowledge via chat.
In another article, the guide to know how Tinder works, the app to meet girls or boys that we like .
In another article we talked about the best sites with free Videochat with strangers to see each other and talk .

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