Best sites to relax online at the computer

Working on the computer all day is tiring, in the end it always seems to never take off because the eyes are fixed on the screen to read texts, to write or move the mouse repeatedly in the same way.
Without a doubt, the best way to rest and relax is to unplug, switch off and leave your home or office, but sometimes this is not possible.
To avoid getting too stressed out during the day there are various things to do to relax on the computer for a few minutes, clear your mind and prepare to start fresh.
Relaxation and computer distraction methods could be divided into 6 major categories: listening to music, watching a video, watching an image gallery, playing games, browsing news and curiosity sites, chatting or exchanging messages with friends.
Preferably, a combination of music and images should bring greater relaxation and rest during short and short PC work breaks.
In this article, How to rest your mind with some web applications designed to take stress away.
1) GetRelaxed is a perfect example of a restful site .
It combines a gallery of photos of nature, sea, animals, forests, with listening to some melodic and slow music that, if you listen perhaps with headphones, really help to escape.
This is just one of the sites or programs listed in the post about sounds to relax, music to focus on .
2) is perhaps the most restful and relaxing site that can be found on the net, with a therapy made up of an animated image and sounds designed specifically to calm the soul and calm down.
When the site opens, select the background from the images below and then press Start and abandon yourself on the screen.
3) Donothingfor2minutes is a site that forces you to do nothing for two minutes and to watch a timer running against the background of a beach.
4) Pulsate is instead a free application for the Google Chrome browser developed in HTML5.
This app allows you to create music patterns randomly generated by the collision of circles that appear on the screen.
The circles are created by clicking with the mouse on the black background and the more circles are created, the greater the randomness of the music.
The third button on the right opens a settings panel for changing the sound, reverb and delay.
While the music is playing, you can watch the hypnotic drawings that are made up on the screen.
5) spotify RelaxingNature is the page that lets you hear the sounds of nature of your choice: sea, birds, rain and night.
If you like this type of sound, there are several other applications to listen to the sounds of nature and environment online and on the Windows and Mac pc.
6) Another great way to relax is to draw, but not to draw on complicated programs, but letting go of the imagination and creating abstract paintings without having to think about it too much.
A great example of this type of abstract drawing application is Bonomo, perhaps the funniest and least demanding of the sites where you can create free art and drawings with brushes, paints and abstract shapes .
With Bonomo you go back to children and play with colors by spraying them on a white page.
7) Staying in the Chrome Browser, if you can use headphones or if you can turn up the volume, remember that only with Chrome you can take advantage of Google's voice engine to listen to the reading of the web pages verbally and, therefore, rest the eyes.
In particular, among the extensions to make Chrome read Italian websites, you can use Announcify for speech synthesis which can be calibrated by setting the volume, voice and speed.
It is not necessary to select the text because the application reads the whole page with the normal reproduction controls.
8) Browsing in search of curious or funny news could often lead to sites that are very difficult to read, perhaps with annoying colors and lots of advertising or disturbing elements.
There are some extensions for Firefox and Chrome that allow you to read texts online better without outline elements .
Among these, only for Google Chrome, the Mercury reader extension is interesting, which only shows the text of a page, hiding everything else.
9) Resting when working on the computer means above all that, every now and then, you have to stop looking at the screen and relax your eyes.
In another article, the best applications for scheduling breaks and resting the eyes and mind were listed.
10) Playing online is definitely a good way to recharge your batteries and there is a wide choice of simple games to have some fun.
In particular, I remember the Orisinal site with relaxing and cute games .

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