Best Facebook tricks to add features and see more

Facebook is today's main digital marketplace, the space where we can all share ideas, opinions and comments for everything we want. Over the years, however, this social network has expanded dramatically, with more than a billion subscribers, with countless often hidden functions that are also difficult to enclose in a single article.
Most of these Facebook tricks have already been examined in other articles, so in this episode we do, basically, a nice summary with the best, who speak mainly of hidden pages, secret options to be modified and little-known ways to better customize the profile and news flow .
1) Read the hidden messages received on Facebook
Most people do not know that not only those received from friends are collected in the message box, but also those received from non-friends, for whom no notification appears and which remain hidden. It is therefore worthwhile, if it had never been done, to take a look at these messages to see if we were joined by some old friend or if there is something interesting or funny.
Then open the message page on the Facebook site and click, at the top left, on Message requests and on More> With filters .
2) Check active connections to Facebook
From the account settings, in the Security section, you can check the "devices from which you are logged in" to be able to check if someone is using our account and, possibly, to close the connection from other computers that may be used.
From the same settings section, you can also control where and how we connected to Facebook.
3) With a fantastic trick you can see hidden photos on Facebook of all even non-friends, which are collected on a special hidden page.
4) See contacts and numbers shared on Facebook, even by non-members.
On a special page it is possible to see all the numbers that the Facebook Messenger app installed on the mobile has extracted from the phone's address book in an attempt to find registered friends. These numbers are collected on a private page and can be deleted forever.
5) Use secret Emoji
You can leave comments with classic or secret Moji.
In another article, all the Facebook faces "Emoji" to be written also in posts and comments.
6) Transfer files with Facebook
Not everyone knows that Facebook allows you to exchange files with friends via its chat, albeit with some limitations.
7) See the news of our best friends first
While the news flow of the news page in Facebook is controlled by an algorithm, it is still possible to customize how these are ordered by specifying which friends and which pages are most important to us, whose posts we want to appear before those published by others.
Plus, it's worth cleaning up Facebook by hiding news from boring sites, groups, apps, pages and friends
8) Find out how Facebook knows all our preferences
It is a special private page where you can check how Facebook sees us, that is what we like and the profile that appears to advertising advertisers.
It is also possible to prevent Facebook from seeing the history of the sites visited.
9) Change profile photos in a special way
For the profile photo, Facebook has added some possibilities to make itself more original and, in particular, allows you to set up a temporary profile photo and to use a video instead of the profile image.
10) Use Facebook as a blog
If you want to write long posts and keep them organized so that you can easily find them as you would a blog, you can use the not-so-known Facebook Note function.
11) Save news and links on Facebook
Whenever you find something interesting you can like it, but if you want to keep a link or a post that you want to read calmly or that you want to keep, you can save it with the special, a little hidden, save button.
As seen in another article, it is very easy to download videos from Facebook on PC and mobile phone.
12) See the details for each friendship
For each friend, there is a special page that shows us what we have in common: friends, photos, posts, places visited and other things.
As I have already pointed out, in another article it is explained how to find Facebook friendship pages.
13) Cheats on PC chat
Among the best tricks for Facebook chat, if used by PC, there are those to disable the confirmation of reading messages and the one to hide Displayed and is writing in Facebook chat.
Furthermore, even without using extensions, it is possible to hide in order not to be seen online by some users or to remain invisible to everyone
14) You can invite all your friends to an event or to become a fan of a Facebook page using two special extensions from the Chorme and Firefox browsers that enable a button to select all in one click. For Chrome the extension is Invite All Friends .
15) Scheduling the status update on Facebook in a postdated way means setting the status and saying you want to publish it in the future, in a few hours or in a few days.
This can be useful if you want to appear active when you are actually offline for a long time and then you can schedule the status update on the FAcebook for all the days you don't plan to use Facebook. It might be helpful, now that I think about it, to update the status to look sick at home while on vacation.
16) Facebook backup
To backup the contact list and save its names and email addresses and to save private messages on the computer, there is the function to download messages, address book and data from Faceboook
17) Temporarily suspend the profile
If you are tired of being on Facebook, but you don't want to lose everything and you want to be able to return to it in the future, you can simply deactivate your Facebook account temporarily.
Alternatively, you can also hide Facebook profile and make yourself invisible
18) You can hack a Facebook account "> protect Facebook and secure the account
It is not a trick but a new feature the ability to send free SMS from Facebook to friends
19) Search on Facebook
Facebook's default search engine is very limited and works almost for nothing except to find people.
But if you activate the American version of Facebook, then you can take advantage of that search engine that in Italy and Europe has never been released for legal privacy reasons.
I therefore refer to the guide on how to search on Facebook and find posts, friends and everything.
Keep in mind, however, that all Facebook searches are recorded and in fact we have written a guide to cancel searches made on Facebook.
Conversely, you can also use Facebook without being found or searched.
20) Upload photos to Facebook at maximum quality
When uploading photos to Facebook, the site compresses them by default.
However, there is an option to upload photos at maximum quality, in order to avoid them being compressed, to make them look more beautiful.
21) Facebook to find stores or to appear things
To expand its business, Facebook is preparing to challenge online shopping giants such as Ebay.
Specifically, you can use Facebook groups to buy and sell and you can search for shops and businesses on a Facebook map.
22) Add a message and a photo highlighted on the Facebook profile
It is a trick that has been active for about a year, which few still know, which allows you to create a mini biography and to show a permanent photo under the main profile.
23) Receive notifications from the Facebook site as the app
This trick is especially useful if you use the Facebook site from a mobile phone instead of the application.
24) Secret words with animations: kisses, balloons, thumbs
25) Leave all Facebook and Pages groups together at once
26) Delete all Facebook posts and "Likes" in one click
27) Write lists and lists such as Facebook status
28) You can add a song to listen to on the profile, as seen in another article.
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