Best VPNs to get Italian IP from every country

This article is dedicated to Italians abroad who would like to take advantage of some Italian sites whose vision is blocked, partially or totally, for those who are outside national borders.
For example, for those who live outside Italy, the online viewing of the RAI channels is blocked and the viewing of football matches broadcast by Mediaset is also prevented.
There are also other services that can be prevented if you do not browse the internet in Italian territories and this is why it is worthwhile, for those who live abroad, to use a VPN connection that can allow them to surf with an Italian IP address, making it seem like it was in Rome, Milan or other cities depending on the VPN.
Using a VPN with Italian IP, in addition to being useful for unblocking blocked content such as TV channels, also allows you to have a number of advantages in terms of security.
The VPN encrypts the connection so it prevents any hacker from stealing data in the connection, even if you are using an open public network.
In addition, the activities on the internet and the sites visited remain private and invisible to the network provider (also invisible to the VPN manager if this is reliable).
The VPN services then give the possibility to change IP as you want, unlocking territorial contents from all over the world so you can see any site and register for any online service without censorship and without limitations or restrictions.
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For those who are fasting for basic concepts on computer networks, we briefly explain what IP address means and what it means to change it by disguising it.
Whenever you connect a device to the Internet, whether it's a phone, computer or other device such as a SmartTV, that is assigned an IP address.
An IP address is a string of numbers like that the network uses to identify that computer or phone when it sends a request like that to open a particular website.
The IP address contains location information (a bit like phone numbers) and the country of origin is always recognized.
This is useful for national sites and those with different versions for each country, to provide content in the right language and specific news, but it can also block navigation if the content is allowed only for those who surf from a certain country, as does RAI .
To use a VPN, all you have to do is install and activate a program that encrypts all the data sent over the network from your computer and routes it to a proxy server in another country, which may be Italy.
The site you visit will think that the connection comes from this server with Italian IP and will show the contents
On the server, the data will be decrypted and sent to a coma a local IP address (i.e. Italian). Your data is then sent to its original destination.
While in theory every time you use a VPN, the Internet connection can inevitably be slowed down due to the passage of more encrypted data and sent to the server, if you use a good program this delay becomes imperceptible and the connection remains as fast as that normal, without slowing down.
For this reason it is important to choose the fastest and best VPN service, even if it can cost a few Euros per month of subscription with a first free trial period.
Among the best Premium VPN services, which also offer an Italian IP for those who live abroad, the choice is among these programs .
1) ExpressVPN, perhaps the best in general.
ExpressVPN is a VPN that has it all: speed, security and ease of use.
It is possible to connect to one of the over 1500 servers in 94 different countries available from ExpressVPN, including servers in two different places in Italy: Milan and Cosenza, to be used when you want to use an Italian IP address.
To view a list of all the different servers available for connection, you can check this page on the ExpressVPN website.
Connections are super fast, so you won't be slowed down while browsing or streaming video.
The software is then available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, as well as some consoles and smart TVs, with extensions for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers.
2) NordVPN, more flexible
NordVPN is a VPN recommended for users who have experience with VPNs and want to be able to modify and customize the connection parameters.
The basic VPN can be easily used to obtain an Italian IP address by connecting to one of the 30 Italian servers provided by NordVPN.
The unique feature of NordVPN are the specialized application servers, for example to download Torrents or to watch videos.
The program is available for Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, Android smartphones and tablets.
3) CyberGhost, the easiest to use
CyberGhost is an excellent choice for those who have less experience with VPNs and want a simple and intuitive program that is activated immediately.
To get an IP address from Italy, you can connect to one of the Italian servers, which are 47 at the moment, with over 1300 servers in almost 60 countries.
The connection is automatically configured, the connection of the servers is very fast and perfect for watching streaming video or online TV from RAI sites.
The program is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
4) PureVPN, with many extras.
PureVPN is more than just a VPN service, it is a complete IT security package.
The basic VPN is easy to use and offers a network of over 750 servers in 140 different countries, with 8 servers in Italy to have an Italian IP address.
The speeds are high and in addition to the security features, the option for 256-bit encryption and a reliable policy of not recording the contents seen are included.
The security package includes anti-malware and anti-virus protection, a spam filter for the mailbox, DDoS protection, app filtering, kill switches and a NAT firewall.
The VPN program is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android computers and then as an app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
5) Vypr VPN
VyprVPN advertises itself as the most powerful VPN in the world and is certainly one of the best ever.
To have an Italian IP there is a server available to choose from in the options.
The program is available for everything: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, TV and other devices.
6) HideMe, for the free plan
HideMe offers a free plan limited to 2 GB of traffic per month, with slightly slower speeds than guaranteed in the premium plan.
The HideME network has a server in Italy, to be chosen to have the Italian IP and to browse the national TV sites without blocking.
7) Tunnelbear, free and super premium
TunnelBear is another of the best VPN services in the world, which offers an Italian server connection for those who are abroad, which also offers the possibility of using it for free with limited traffic (500MB or 1 GB), good for occasional connections.
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