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It now happens more and more often to run into a site with the notice that announces the unavailability in our country or that seems to have disappeared even if it is not really, suddenly become unreachable. In these cases, unless it has really been closed, we are faced with a site blocked in Italy, for reasons ranging from censorship to, more likely, legal reasons. For this kind of sites, whose servers do not reside in Italy, the authorities usually do not have the power to close the site, but they can ask internet providers such as Telecom and Fastweb to make them inaccessible and oblige Google not to let them be found in the Search Results.
In all these cases, as we already know if we have read other articles of this type, there are several ways to bypass the blocking of sites from your computer ranging from the use of TOR or VPN programs to the change of DNS.
If, however, we cannot install any program and we cannot even modify the parameters of the internet connection (just think of the browser of the Smart TV, the smartphone, or the PC in the office), the simplest and most immediate way to navigate every site blocked from any place, computer or device is to use a web proxy .
Proxies basically serve to hide the IP address by making it appear that the connection to the websites comes from another computer.
In this regard, we have already seen in another article what proxies are and what are the best public proxies that can be used to open obscured sites. Expanding that discussion, we see here the web proxies, i.e. websites that allow you to open other websites, opening them within them and, therefore, not subject to blockages.
Free web proxies are sites that work like browsers where you can enter the internet address that would otherwise be unreachable or unavailable. Usually these web proxies are very effective in this sense, but unlike high quality premium VPNs they do not encrypt traffic, do not remove identifiable information and have no privacy protection. They also often add advertisements to open sites, which can be annoying and only disappear after a few seconds. In addition, proxies only work with websites, not with web apps or other programs.
1) Hide Me is a well-known VPN provider, which also offers a free proxy service.
To use it, enter the address in the box below and choose the server from the one in the United States or the Netherlands or Germany. Other options include the ability to block cookies, encrypt URLs, encrypt pages, remove scripts and remove objects.
2) 11proxy has a server in the United States and is suitable for accessing geo-blocked content available only in North America. Other options include page encryption, cookie blocking and a way to block scripts and objects.
11proxy is also available on other sites such as, and .
3) Whoer has nine servers in different places around the world so he can connect to websites via Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, London and Dallas. There is also an option to use a random server. Whoer also offers a free speed test and ping test, along with a paid VPN service.
4) NewIPNow is another web proxy with many servers, including nine in America, two in Canada, one in Poland and one in Lithuania.
5) VPNBook is definitely one of the most recommended, free and quick to upload web proxies. There is a server in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France.
6) HideMyAss, perhaps the most popular of these websites (but not the best), offers a free proxy for everyone and a paid service. HidemyAss has servers in the United States, England, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. It also offers three additional options for encrypting the URL, disabling cookies and blocking scripts.
7) BoomProxy is a proxy browser with a single server and some options to encrypt the URL, disable cookies and remove scripts.
8) Dontfilter is a basic service without options to open websites and internet addresses anonymously.
9) ProxySite is a very fast web proxy with several servers in the USA and Europe, protected with SSL connection.
10) FilterBypass allows you to encrypt the page, block cookies and scripts with a secure connection.
11) BlewPass offers four Web proxy servers in the United States and also in Europe, with the possibility of choosing the IP address to use.
12) KProxy, one of the oldest services on this list is really good, it opens the whole sites without adding banners or advertisements and it also provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox so that you can use its proxies at any time even without going directly to the site. The pro version of KProxy is faster and removes advertisements.
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