Dark mode on Windows 10 and night light

When it is evening or night, the computer monitor and its light can annoy the eyes. The eyes are more sensitive to screen brightness and contrast, especially if using the PC in a dark or low light room.
There are then two or three solutions that can come in handy and change the brightness of the screen and / or the contrast. According to your preferences, you can make sure that the colors are inverted at night or that the screen becomes darker or with a warmer color .
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The screen in night mode on Windows, with inverted colors and therefore with white writing on a black background, can be obtained using the Accessibility options. In Windows 10, Go to Settings> Accessibility> Color Filters to activate the Color Filter and choose your preferred mode.
In Windows 7, search for the magnifying glass from the Start menu, put the zoom at 100%, then without any magnification, then press on the wheel to expand the options screen and activate the color inversion. The magnifying glass can be added to the desktop or to the Start screen for easier access.
In Windows 10 it is possible to activate the real dark mode, which does not simply invert the colors but changes the graphics of the interface, with the dark color option of the app to be able to have all the menus, including that of the settings, with a gray background dark.
This option is found in Settings> Personalization> Colors, setting Dark to choose the color.
In addition, by going to Settings> System> Screen you can also activate the Night Light, which turns the brightness of the screen yellow by attenuating the blue lights and reducing eye fatigue when working at night.
If you prefer, you can activate the inversion of colors only on the browser through some extensions, so as not to annoy the eyes when there is little light and in the evening .
Dark mode in Chrome follows dark mode in Windows 10 and Mac.
You can also install a dark theme like JustBlack, developed by the Chrome team.
We then saw in another article how to activate the dark theme on all websites with Dark Reader on Firefox and Chrome.
Another extension is Hacker vision, with night mode for all web pages.
On Mac, you can activate Dark System mode in System Preferences> General i.
If it is not the inversion of the colors that you like but you prefer a darker screen, instead of using the monitor buttons you can darken the screen at night even more than normal with a small program called Dimmer .
This program is excellent for those who work at the computer in the evening in a dimly lit room, so as not to tire the eyes with the screen light.
Dimmer solves the problem and allows to reduce the brightness of the screen of the laptop or desktop PC in even high percentages.
The program does not require installation, just download it and extract the program to a folder.
If desired, you can have the program run automatically in the evening using the event scheduler .
In Windows, open the Control Panel, then the administration tools and then the scheduler .
From the menu on the right side, create a basic activity by choosing that this program starts every day, at 19 or 20.
Another very good program to automatically darken the screen in the evening and at night is SunsetScreen which varies the "color temperature" making everything more yellowish and less blue. The author claims that his program is preferable over f.lux because with a wider range of colors available.
Alternatively you can also download Night Mode for Windows, which is practically identical and which can be downloaded in a portable version or in a version to be installed.
As already written in the past, with F.Lux, a free program for Windows and Mac you can change the brightness and color of the screen according to the time of day . Nothing prevents Windows PC from using F.Lux and Dimmer together, to have a warmer and darker screen at night.
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