Ways to save on Amazon and buy at lower prices

Amazon is undoubtedly the most famous site for making online purchases of any kind, since we can find every kind of product, from home to gardening, from technology to toys, with the convenience of fast and very cheap shipping. As happens in every self-respecting shop, even in Amazon there are often really advantageous offers and discounts that may not be easy to find, given that the site is really very large: the most interesting offers and opportunities are usually hidden in uncrowded pages, which is up to us to discover and visit regularly. In addition to the "secret" pages, we can also save on Amazon by using timed offers or some special events (such as Prime Day or Black Friday) which allow you to get discounts on some products up to 80%.
In this article we will therefore show you the best methods to save on Amazon and buy anything at the lowest possible price .
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How to save money on Amazon

Below we will find all the best methods to be able to seriously save on Amazon . We can safely take advantage of them all, so that we can get a nice savings whatever the object to buy.

Amazon outlet

Even if it is an online store, it does not mean that there is no outlet, that is, a section dedicated to products sold below cost ; we can find Amazon's one here -> Amazon Outlet.

The outlet's web page is divided into categories: in fact, we can find the IT department, the book department and the video game, music, electronics, home and kitchen departments and more. We can find items at really low prices, with discounts even higher than 50% compared to the original price.
If you are not looking for a specific product but something cheap, you can browse the outlet in search of the lowest price that you can find on the internet for a TV, a blender, an SD card or whatever.

Amazon offers

If the Outlet is a store of below-cost products that remain on sale until the end of stocks, the Offers are instead timed promotions; to access this section just visit the following link -> Amazon offers of the day.

The Amazon Offers page offers significant discounts for buying defined items that can stay on offer for a day or more.
In the Offers section there are also imperfect products, which may have some scratches or defects, ideal for saving up to half the original price.

The corner of occasions

Among the many hidden sections of Amazon could not miss the corner of the occasions, where we can find many products at very low prices (always under 10 €). We can access it from here -> The corner of the Amazon deals.

Most of the products in this section are sold by third party sellers, so we will have to take into account the possibility that shipping costs are present (in this case it is better to make a more substantial order, so as to amortize the final cost).

Amazon Renewed

A good way to save money is to turn to used but reconditioned products, so that you can buy any practically new and certified item; Amazon manages its refurbished with a dedicated page accessible here -> Amazon Renewed.

All products managed by Amazon undergo strict quality controls, so that every item purchased in the section will be used but sold in excellent condition, practically like new (even if at a much lower price).

Amazon Warehouse

Still on the subject of used products, we can save a lot on Amazon by purchasing products returned by other Amazon users after a very short time or after changing their mind. The section in question can be found here -> Amazon Warehouse.

These are resold at a lower price based on the conditions of use (often the original box or some accessories will be missing, or there will be new non-original accessories) and we can always benefit from Amazon's assistance and warranty (the best in the sector e-commerce).

Use Amazon Prime

By subscribing to Amazon Prime we will be able to access timed offers before all other non-Prime users, we will have exclusive discounts on some products and we will never pay shipping on products shipped from Amazon, also unlocking ultra-fast shipping (1 hour, 1 day or 2 days).

The advantages of Amazon Prime are so numerous that it is worth activating it or carrying out the trial period even if we do not make many purchases during the year (3-4 orders per year are enough to make it convenient to use Prime).
In this regard, we advise you to read our guide on the costs and benefits of Amazon Prime .

Periodic purchases

If we buy consumer products on Amazon (detergents, rolls, diapers, capsules etc.), we can take advantage of the discounts applied by Amazon on periodic purchase products; the only thing we will have to do is go to the Sign up and save section.

From here we can select one of the products present, choose the quantity and frequency of the order and start the registration; at regular intervals a new order will automatically be placed on Amazon with which to receive high-consumption products.
With a subscription we will have a 5% discount, while activating at least 3 registrations we will be able to benefit from a 10% discount.

Other ways to save on Amazon

In addition to the sections of the site where we can find discounted products all year round and on any occasion, we can further save on Amazon by using one of the following methods.
  1. Buying from third-party sellers : when we visit the page of a product, we click on the word New to see the other sellers who have the same product, so as to choose the cheapest (also considering shipping costs). Prime products are not always those with the lowest price, so it is better to choose who makes the best price for the purchase of the product.
  2. Keeping track of prices : to know the price variation of each product on sale on Amazon just install the Keepa extension for Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to see the graph of the price variation of each product directly on its tab. After installing the extension we will be able to see the graph of its price variation directly in the product sheet, to see if it previously cost more or less. In addition to the simple graph, we can also get notifications on the price drop, by activating the free notification service (via email or Telegram). In this regard, we invite you to read our guide with Amazon extensions to follow prices and buy better (Chrome and Firefox) .
  3. Student Book Discounts : Amazon allows you to save 15% of the price by buying school books from its store.
  4. Discounted and free apps for Android : on the Amazon Appstore we can find several compatible apps for Android, in particular we can find expensive apps at heavily discounted prices or even for free!
  5. Buying in Germany on German Amazon: as explained in another article, we can save on products purchased online using the Amazon page for the German market, where many products benefit from international shipping. In this regard, we remind you to visit the German Amazon page translated into English, in order to better understand all the menus and buttons.
  6. Install Extensions for Chrome and Firefox with price trend graphs


These are the best ways to save on purchases on Amazon, which has become in a very short time the best site to buy anything online, also thanks to timely shipments and unbeatable after-sales assistance.
If we want to buy food and drinks online, there are plenty of alternatives to Amazon, as indicated in our guide to online stores to shop and buy food and drinks via the internet .
If, on the other hand, we ran into any problems during the shipment, we advise you to read our article in which we show you What to do if an Amazon package does not arrive or is missing .
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