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To communicate privately with the editorial team (and write to Claudio Pomhey), use the contact form below.
To discuss the site's topics, use the comments that are under each article.
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This form is for all commercial proposals, private requests for advertising requests, resume submissions, link exchanges and collaboration proposals on the site.
I can't guarantee to reply to everyone but I guarantee that every message sent will be read.
I do not give technical support in private via Email, for whatever the invitation is to do a search on the site and ask questions using the comments form.
For more petty requests and less important questions or proposals, including technical requests not covered in any article, I invite you to contact me on Facebook on the Navigaweb page or on the profile
The email address is, in this case mandatory because it serves otherwise we could not respond.
As written on the Privacy Policy, no Email address left here will be made public or used for different purposes.
The email address will be stored on Google's servers and, in the event of a reply from the author of the site, the email address may be stored by the site itself, but it will not be used for advertising or sending commercial news, or even in the receiving newsletters

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