Virtual worlds, 3D chats and online games similar to Second Life

Living a virtual life in a three-dimensional virtual world is becoming the new frontier of surfing the internet and it is a rather rich business especially given the success not only of Second Life but also of other more or less known competitors.
The alternatives, of course all free and free, range between 3D places to build and to chat with online MMORPG games where players live and challenge each other.
If Second Life has always had the stability of the program as its Achilles' heel, its slowness and the fact that it cannot be used on all computers due to the high consumption of resources, others point to simplicity and integration of the virtual world. .
You can still play and live in Second Life through alternative clients, lighter and with better performance, for PCs like Firestorm.
1) Different from Second Life but much more fun is the survival and construction game Minecraft, a free 3D world where you can be creative and do what you want, even in multiplayer mode.
2) The most similar to Second Life, with a 3D chat, even if with slightly lower graphics, is called Avakin Life, which can be played on PC via Facebook Gameroom or on Android and iPhone or iPad. The game is practically a Chat with 3D Avatars that can move freely in virtual environments created by the same players who can also have a house and furnish it.
3) VRChat, the true heir of Second Life, its evolution, which however can only be played with a 3D viewer such as the Oculus Rift. For those who have a VR headset, VRChat is one of the best experiences ever, with virtual spaces in which to move freely, meet people, play games, build and create what you want.
4) The most played and experienced after Second Life is the growing IMVU, a very popular game in which you can chat with other people and live a second life in the 3D worlds made available. Each person is represented by a customizable avatar, you can create clothes and body objects, furniture and decorations of the environment, there is a virtual currency and there are many subgames to do in the company of other people. There is no unique competition or goal, you play to make friends and to meet in a different environment from the normal one, or rather from the real one. IMVU, unlike Second Life, is lived directly from the browser, without having to download clients and is also available as an app for Android.
5) Twinity is like a much more simplified Second Life clone, with players able to explore virtual worlds and socialize with each other.
6) In another article the sites for " Create a custom avatar ", without however a virtual world in which to insert them.
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7) With sMeet you can create the virtual character, the avatar, customize it as you want and make it go around the 3D worlds. sMeet does not provide for the installation of any additional software and works directly from the internet browser. Not only is it possible to chat but you can also make video calls, upload Youtube videos, listen to web radio and have fun with quizzes and games similar to a Facebook 3D. sMeet is the true antagonist of Second Life and is also in Italian.
8) Entropia Universe deserves a special mention because it is a goal-oriented Second Life or a free World of Warcraft, where there are missions to carry out and points to do, in collaboration or against other people. This Entropia Universe is dangerous because it may take a long time to play and being addictive it risks becoming a mania.
9) A new and particularly nice avatar can be created with Gaia online, a world of people who can play together, live in a virtual world and customize their appearance in style and clothing.
10) is an online community of avatars, a small world to be popular, very similar to the deceased world of TekTek.
11) PianetaSegreto is an Italian chat with 3D avatars with rooms and environments similar to those of Second Life. Except for the fact that she is Italian, there are not many other reasons to sign up.
Other sites that are a little chat, a little 3D virtual worlds, a little social networks, which are a mix between Second Life and an online video game, for the youngest and teenagers, are:
  • Moshi Monster where a monster is adopted to grow and socialize.
  • Poptropica a virtual world for children (between 6 and 12 years old) with many online games played by millions of users.
  • Habbo, a virtual world and a chat known in Italy among the youngest.
  • StarDoll dedicated to girls where a virtual doll must be dressed.
  • Dizzywood nice game for the youngest and children, very comic, it is a social adventure.
  • the VSide virtual disco is a virtual world set in a disco very close to Second Life as an idea, with a 3d chat, with music at the center of the game; we talk about it in another post.
  • Football Superstars impersonates a footballer and lives his life in a virtual way, playing as part of a team and interacting with the environment and other players.

In conclusion, 3D chats on the internet show great difficulty in becoming popular also because they are complex and expensive for those who manage them. The best is certainly Second Life, not only because there are a lot of people but because it is a virtual world in the round, with a lot of internal games, where everyone plays with his imaginary role and where, above all, the graphics have reached almost realistic levels. The skin of the avatars is almost real, the clothes are trendy, the women are beautiful and there are fun and imaginative animations to watch.
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