Opera Neon, the most spectacular and new browser there is

A new web browser has been released to surf the internet created by the creators of Opera, who now offer a truly spectacular variant called Opera Neon .
This is a whole new program, which will surely leave you amazed and satisfied, which uses a completely new and never seen concept to date for the exploration of websites, which does not use traditional tabs, which does not waste space leaving it all available of the open pages and which includes some unique and decidedly innovative functions.
Opera Neon browser, which was developed from scratch even if it is based on Chrome's Blink rendering engine, does not replace the traditional Opera web browser if it were installed on the PC and is, for now, available for Windows and Mac PCs .
Although the developers warn that Opera Neon has been released more than anything else as a demonstration of how it can become the official Opera browser, it can already be used completely to surf the internet even by default, since for some it could really be a unexpected and welcome revolution.
To test the future of the web, open the Opera Neon download page and download the installer.
After the quick installation, you will immediately notice a home screen made, in addition to the Google search bar, of moving spheres such as balloons that can be moved with the mouse as if they were balloons.
By opening a site, this opens and is fixed on the right side, leaving all the vertical space to the page you are going to open.
By pressing the button at the top to iconise that open site, you can open another one and yet another noting that the open pages remain available, as if they were the normal tabs of traditional browsers.
Each bubble of the open sites can then be dragged to the center of the home page if you want to keep it as a favorite.
The search bar is also the browser's address bar, so to open a new site, you can write the address in that space.
The background of the home page is the same set on the Windows desktop, giving a very elegant transparency effect.
With Neon it is also possible to open two sites side by side : just drag one of the bubbles of the sites already open and then release it to the right or left to open it next to the current page.
On the left side, Opera Neon shows a small vertical toolbar that contains the keys to open a new tab, the media player, the screen capture tool, the download manager and then, at the bottom, the main menu button.
The media player allows you to manage the playback of videos from sites like Youtube, without having to stay on the Youtube page.
The capture tool, on the other hand, is used to make screenshots of web pages or parts of them.
From the general options button you can open the history, the internal task manager, the developer menu, the incognito window and then the browser settings that are practically identical to those of Chrome.
What is still missing in this very first version of Opera Neon is the support of the extensions, which will arrive soon and the manager of the favorites.
The new concept of Opera Neon is designed to make the cards like real objects that seem to have a weight in a gravitational space and that move naturally when dragged and pushed or moved, controlling everything that is seen.
The completely new design helps not to waste time in the search for open tabs and the colors with the icons of each site help to recognize immediately what you want to keep open.
Opera Neon absolutely deserves a try.
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