Optimize Flash if games are slow and videos jerky

When opening websites with online games or streaming videos, most of the time the Flash plugin is called into question.
Flash is a program that is integrated in the browser and, in some cases as in Chrome, also inside the browser itself.
Sometimes, however, in some websites Flash games are not optimized to run well on the computer or videos are seen in spurts.
This can also happen on newer computers so the problem does not seem to be linked too much to the PC hardware which, even if old or not very powerful, should be able to run simple flash games.
The problem with Flash also derives from the browser used which in some cases consumes too many resources of the computer ending up slowing down every operation.
If there are performance problems with Flash, if the games and videos on the PC are slow, freeze and are seen in spurts, then you need to optimize Flash .
1) Lowering Flash quality is the easiest solution.
On the box where the game or video appears click with the right mouse button and in the context menu find the item Quality and put it low.
The effect of this option depends a lot on the game you are playing and how intense the images are using it.
For some games, there is hardly any difference while in others it will be extremely noticeable.
With an extension for Firefox and Chrome you can keep Flash with low quality for better performance .
The right-click options menu, if pressed on a video, may be different depending on the site where you are.
For videos, like on Youtube, there is always a button in the player itself to lower the quality or to remove the HD quality.
With some extensions you can fix the quality and size of videos on Youtube
2) Use another browser only for video and Flash games
If you keep many tabs open on Chrome, the browser starts to swell and becomes heavy so playing a Flash game or video in another tab can be slow or jerky.
Then try to open that flash site on another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer and see if there are any improvements.
An optimal strategy would be to choose a browser like Firefox, Opera or Chrome only for Flash games and videos, disabling all unnecessary options and keeping it free from external extensions.
By testing you can find which browser works best for watching videos and flash games.
In another article the list of the best browsers to download for all computers
3) Turn off hardware acceleration
This technical factor is mainly related to the quality of the streaming videos.
From the article on how to disable hardware acceleration on Windows to optimize video streaming we see how to disable hardware acceleration on the Flash plugin.
Press the right mouse button on the space where the game or video appears, click on the settings and, in the first tab, remove the hardware acceleration option.
4) Resize the game by Zooming out
Depending on the online game, it may be that if you zoom out, the visible game scenario becomes smaller and, consequently, improves performance because the graphics are less detailed.
To zoom in on a flash game, right-click on it and then click Next or Back.
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For the ShockWave Flash crash on Google Chrome, solution is in another article.
In any case, always remember to download and install Flash Player latest version from the official Adobe website (Flash can also be installed on Android).
If there are still problems with Youtube, see here the trick to open Youtube ultra fast and in high quality

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