Optimize browsers by reducing the occupied memory

Occasionally some independent developer tries to solve problems that the big famous software developers seem to overlook.
The problem solved in this article is that of too much memory occupied by the browser to surf the internet when too many tabs are opened.
Although to varying degrees, this of the occupied memory is a problem of all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and others.
If you open 10 or 20 tabs with different sites and web applications you will find that the browser also occupies up to 400 MB of RAM memory, which on old and less powerful computers can become deadly.
The amount of memory taken by browsers then rises more and more by installing extensions and plugins.
Depending on the browser you are using, we have seen different ways, tricks and extensions to optimize RAM memory consumption and make browsing the internet lighter.
Main methods and tricks for all browsers are collected in the article on What to do if the Internet browser is slow to load pages .
There are two small programs capable of decreasing the memory consumption of all browsers .
1) eMo Web Browse Optimizer for Windows PC is a small tool that allows you to optimize the memory consumption of the browser used and improve performance.
The amazing thing is that it really works and with any browser used: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Palemooon, Maxthon, Safari and others.
According to the developer, memory optimization allows to call up to 80% occupied by the chosen browser.
I do not know what this program does because it is not explained, the fact is that when you activate it, the memory occupied by the browser decreases enormously even if not by 80%.
In my test I have Chrome with 20 open tabs which occupies me on Windows 8 180 MB of RAM.
By activating eMo Web Browse Optimizer the memory occupied by Chrome becomes 21MB which is sensational even if a doubt remains.
Overall, the free memory of the computer increases in percentage of a few points but not as you would expect seeing that of Chrome decrease so much.
Although the background processes remain unchanged, it seems that the trick works even if, for some reason I don't know, in a somewhat deceptive way.
The effect of this tool is however positive and can be seen live by keeping a browser open, opening the task manager and trying to activate and deactivate the optimizer.
The program has a small graphical interface where you can choose the browser on which it must take effect and with an On Off switch.
In addition to the option to start the Optimizer when the computer starts, there is nothing else.
Note however that pressing the X closes the program which can instead be minimized and hidden by iconizing it.
When iconized, you can activate or deactivate the optimizer by right-clicking on the icon next to the Windows desktop clock.
2) All Browsers Memory, 2016 program, allows you to optimize RAM and CPU usage for almost all types of browsers, so that they are lighter and that the memory occupied by them is automatically recovered.
The software supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Avant, IE, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, Baidu Spark, PaleMoon and many other browsers.

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